Good Guys for Bearded Dragons!

Author Subject: Good Guys for Bearded Dragons!
Jude Posted At 14:01:01 02/24/2001
Luckily, I have had no truly bad experiences with the darker side of herp sales, so I thought I would share some of my good experiences. I restarted my BD breeding project about a year or so ago and had to purchase all new pets.
~Captive Bred Specialties: bought 2 beautiful specimens...great colors, health, shipping and reasonable prices
~Bearded Dragons & Other Creatures: Bought a sweet male HypoXSnow for a very reasonable price. Very healthy.
~Australian Beardies Herpetoculture: Ronnie has many satisfied customers...Nothing but great comments about him from all of them. He is very knowledgable and I have complete faith in him. Did a trade with her and it was a pleasure doing business. I would definitely purchase any hatchlings she would offer.
~Dragon's Nest: Am presently in the middle of a transaction with this lady for a female hypoXsnow baby. So far, so good. amy and I worked back and forth for months on a baby hognose snake from a clutch she had. She was very patient with me, as I had surgery and needed to postpone shipment for physical/financial reasons. The little guy arrived healthy and happy. This is the only snake I choose to own and I was very pleased with the way it was handled. I would recommend Amy to anyone looking for quality.

The only troubling situation I had was with Atomic Lizard Ranch. I purchased 2 normal hatchlings from them last year. Both died from the Adenovirus within 2-3 weeks of arriving and within a week of each other. I called after the first one died and it was replaced but I paid the shipping. {This particular one was very slow to thrive, but, eventually caught up.}
When I attempted to explain the events and warn them that this very dangerous virus was showing up in their dragons, I was told that it had to be the young age of the hatchlings, my care and husbandry that resulted in their deaths. I don't think so! {All of my gang are totally healthy and incredibly spoiled.} I chose not to pursue the issue after the second one died and just don't buy from them anymore. They used to be very dependable and this may have just been a quirk, but I was not happy with the response I received. Rather than concern, I got defensiveness.
For lots of links to great breeders and supply outlets I have experienced, you can visit my page at:
Jude Re: Good Guys for Bearded Dragons! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:38:23 03/05/2001

Just a quick follow-up on the baby bearded I was anxiously awaiting from Val at Dragon's Nest. The baby arrived, as promised, and was packed with more care than I pack mine...and that is alot!! She is very healthy, a real sweetie and within days was eating tiny crickets with no problem. Yesterday, she gobbled fruits and spring mix like there was no tomorrow! Dragon owners know that this is an issue with baby dragons as trying to get them to eat veggies is like forcing asparagus on a small child. I will have no trouble recommending the Dragon's Nest to anyone.
Brian Kensinger Re: Good Guys for Bearded Dragons!
Posted At 09:09:45 03/28/2001

I read over all of your comments and everything sounds good. But, When you were talking about Atomic Lizard Ranch, that caught my eye. I unfortunately had problems with them before too and I seemed to get the same response. Defensiveness. Just like you, I will never deal with them again.

Brian Kensinger
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