Anaconda Inc.

Author Subject: Anaconda Inc.
Jimi Posted At 18:57:59 03/18/2001
Before doing Business with Chris Jones at Anaconda Inc.
Please Email first.

Jordan Russell Re: Anaconda Inc.
Posted At 23:43:53 03/18/2001

I thought you were partners? you post under the same name... don't you?

Just trying to figure something out as that is what I thought..

Jimi Re: Anaconda Inc.
Posted At 20:13:26 03/19/2001

No me and Chris are not partners, I work alone
he has posted things for sale for me and I have
done some trading with him, thats it, we are trying
to work a problem out, I hope to resolve it soon.
Jimi Re: Anaconda Inc.
Posted At 23:54:59 03/23/2001

Chris came thru! great Guy! I would do business
with him again!

Jody Re: Anaconda Inc.
3870.html Posted At 16:55:38 05/29/2001

Have gotten a water monitor from chris in the past and I was very happy with him.(good guy)

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