Matt Cauthorn BAD GUY

Author Subject: Matt Cauthorn BAD GUY
Andy Jarvis Posted At 09:44:09 03/19/2001
Matt claims to have been ' the business for 22 years !
But in all that time he's never heard of a C.I.T.E.S document.
I purchased 2 Boa constrictor from Matt which after the shipping and other costs totalled well over $1,000.
The animals arrived without the correct papers,and were siezed by the customs where one of them died.The other is still being held in a local zoo.
Matt never admitted his mistake or offered to refund my money or replace the animals.
As every good breeder or dealer knows , It's their responsibility to take care of these matters if they ship abroad. If they aren't mature enough or knowlegable enough to do it right, they shouldn't be in ..'the business'

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