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Author Subject: (BAD GUY) JustChameleons@aol.com
Tropical Creations Posted At 00:13:08 03/20/2001
Hello all, my wife and I send this guy $700 dollars for a bunch of panther chameleons and here was the deal. On the day of us shipping the money we would swap the tracking numbers. Well we gave him out tracking number and that was it all was lost. He gave is a bogus tracking number for u.p.s. He did get our money and even sign for the package. Now he says that we shorted him $100 dollars. My wife and I have been breeding and selling Chameleons for 5+ year and this type of deal really hurt us bad. This is a hoppy for us and $700 dollars is alot of money saved by a single income family with two children. Now his so called girlfreind e-mailed me saying he was incarsorated in a local jail there, "I called all local jailes prisons etc", this was just a lie also he is not in any of them. Now I said fine just send me $600 back with fingers crossed. I hope this has never happened to anyone else and please beware of deals that are to good to be true! E-mail me for more info if wanted.

Tropical Creations

Thanks-Brad and Wendy Cooper
Jordan Russell Re: (BAD GUY) JustChameleons@aol.com
Posted At 03:24:13 03/20/2001

Well it sounds like you sent it via the US postal service, file a claim with your post master. He will have 30 days to respond if he doesn't then you can talk to your postmaster again. All in all he can recieve a felony for mail fraud and be forced to pay you back on top of it through attached wages.

good luck,
J&D Chameleons Re: (BAD GUY) JustChameleons@aol.com
Posted At 13:11:18 03/23/2001

This gentleman has another person he works with on this panther scam, or atleast another e-mail, ru8up15@aol.com. Ru8up15 e-mailed me and gave just chameleons as a referance when I asked for one. They approached me with an offer to buy 250 panther babies, and there supposedly 25 breeders all for 1200.00. I thought that was a little fishy being so cheap. I wrote him and told him to send them C.O.D., his reply was that he had someone grab a package and run before in the past from the postman, so cod was out of the question, he only wanted a money order or cash sent to him. I then told him I had an uncle that was a state trooper in GA where he is suppose to be from and asked if he minded if my uncle stopped by and took a look at the quality of the animals, I never heard from him again. I feel very bad about what happened to you guys, dont let him get away with it! Persue it and have him locked up for mail fraud!
dave Re: (BAD GUY) JustChameleons@aol.com
Posted At 19:17:50 03/26/2001

Dave, you know I couldn't leave this message posted like it was. Try using your full name and be a bit less inflammatory next time. - Webmaster
Chris Jones Re: (BAD GUY) JustChameleons@aol.com
3279.html Posted At 23:25:02 05/11/2001

If you read up to 5/10/01
this is the same person who got me for $1500.00 worth of animals.
jerimiha duks or linder.


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