Rich Ihle. Great Guy.

Author Subject: Rich Ihle. Great Guy.
Carlos Fernandez Posted At 09:57:18 03/21/2001
I just purchased a male 99 hypo from Rich and was totally pleased with the animal and service I received. Feel free to delve into any business dealing with Rich. I hold him in high regards and fully recommend him to others. Thanks for your time.
Dennis Gulla Re: Rich Ihle. Great Guy.
Posted At 14:43:17 03/21/2001

I have purchased 2 Hypos from Rich in the last year and yes, I agree. Rich is a great guy to talk to and has awesome animals. The only reason I have not bought more is because I don't have the money right now!
Jimi Re: Rich Ihle. Great Guy.
Posted At 15:30:52 03/21/2001

He is Great! he knows his stuff!
you want the best GO Rich!

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