Arizona Reptile Center (Info)

Author Subject: Arizona Reptile Center (Info)
Brad Sherman Posted At 03:19:49 03/29/2001
I need their address. I am thinking of going down there tommorrow to see what they have. Thanks
Robert Mcilroy Re: Arizona Reptile Center (Info)
2124.html Posted At 10:35:07 03/29/2001

Arizona Reptile Center
2025 W Broadway Rd Mesa AZ 85202

Southwest corner of Dobson and Broadway by Savers

Robert Mcilroy
zach Re: Arizona Reptile Center (Info)
3833.html Posted At 20:22:18 05/28/2001

i just went there today. they are top notch, but expensive. i guess its worth it for a quality animal. i think the trip is worth it just to see that 20 foot burmese python. one other thing, the workers aren't very friendly.

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