Randy Wright - inquiry

Author Subject: Randy Wright - inquiry
Shannon Baxter Posted At 10:51:54 04/04/2001
I would like any comments anyone may have regarding Randy Wright. I am interested in his colubrids. Your reply is greatly appreciated.
Carl A Koehler III Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
2232.html Posted At 12:46:26 04/04/2001

Shannon,i have done business with randy,he is tollally trustworthy,extremely informative,represents his animals honestly,has been doing colubrids a long time and definately knows his stuff.His animals and facility are top notch and spotless.I recently purchased a peruvian red tail from him and would definately buy from him again.I must also say that what really impresses me about Randy Wright is that he dosent blow you off after you buy an animal from him or act like he dosent no who you are(now isnt that a refreshing concept lol)He is more than happy to answer any and all questions in depth anytime and that goes a LONG way with me.Good luck Shannon.Carl A Koehler III.
Mike & Isis Madec Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
2236.html Posted At 19:29:35 04/04/2001

We have done business with Randy for about 8 years now. In fact, he sold us our very first pair of snakes. He has replaced reptiles which have died, with no problem. We are still doing business with him.

Randy's reptiles are very high quality and Randy is honest and knowledgeable, and has always taken time to answer our questions after the reptile has been purchased. We would recommend anyone to do business with Randy Wright.
Tom Chambers Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
2254.html Posted At 18:44:10 04/05/2001

I have bought animals from and sold to Randy Wright and have found him to be honest and straight forward as well as very knowledgeable.
I would recommend Randy any time.
Enjoy your new herps Shannon!
Peace - TC
TC Reptile
shannon brown Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
2260.html Posted At 23:31:18 04/05/2001

Hey shannon,you can't go wrong with buying from randy.He is a great guy and his animals are top shelf.

shannon brown
Shannon Baxter Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
2264.html Posted At 05:19:27 04/06/2001

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I spoke to Randy to finalize shipping and payment this evening. So far he is everything you said he is and I am very confident I made a good decision to purchase from him.
Shannon Baxter Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
3011.html Posted At 23:50:37 04/29/2001

I wanted to update this in case anyone ever needed to reference back to it. My trio arrived in excellent condition and Randy even shipped them out on the day I requested. He wasn't kidding when he said he keeps his snakes well-fed. Sixteen days after arrival I witnessed several breedings with one of the females and the other is scheduled for this coming week. Randy has been there to answer all of my questions and didn't drop me the minute those snakes were on the plane. During conversations with him, he has even offered tips/pointers when I mentioned something about my gravid Cal King for example. I would have to agree that Randy Wright is a first class guy and would call him first when I decide to make another purchase.
Ken Siffert Re: Randy Wright - inquiry
9143.html Posted At 16:18:32 09/17/2001

I have done ALOT of Deals with Randy,(BIG Dollar Deals),and Randy is the most Honest person I have met in this Hobby!!!!!!!!!!!! "First Class ACT"!!!!!!!!!!!

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