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B Smith Posted At 20:22:37 04/04/2001
I have been dealing with Mike Knight at Hotlanta Reptiles in Winder, GA for several years now, and I have never been disappointed. All of the animals are of superior quality and his knowlege is impressive. He will be the first one to tell you what to expect from each animal (whether it is good or bad). This is good when dealing with inexperienced herpers. For example, when asked about aquiring a first snake, he asks about size, temperament, feeding, and caging preferences. This way a 10 year old kid does not end up with a retic. The facility itself is very pleasant. The animals are all healthy and in nice cages. The biggest thing is that there is NO SMELL, like some other reptile shops I have been to (another in Georgia in particular, I won't name names, but it is like a small "Wharehouse" of poor quality and overpriced herps with a smell that extends to the parking lot). I do not hesitate to buy most of my herps from Hotlanta Reptiles and have never been disappointed (especially by the price). It is so hard to find a good reptile shop, especially in Georgia, and I just thought I should mention this in case people in my area think that there is nowhere to find good animals at a good price.
Robert Hill Re: Hotlanta Reptiles (Good Guy)
2251.html Posted At 13:17:55 04/05/2001

I too have been dealing with Mike off and on over the last couple of years. He is a great guy with alot of knowledge on what he sells, and unlike many other dealers, if he doesn't know about an animal, he will tell you just that. And he will bend over backward to make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting into with a purchase and is never out for the quick sale. His shop is probably the best in Georgia and his prices are what they should be for retail, not overly inflated like other stores. Like you said, B., there is NO odor in his shop(wish other stores could do that)and the front display cages are all done up naturally and look nice, but allow viewing of the animals as well. If you live in Georgia, I highly recommend Mike Knight at Hotlanta Herps as well.
MARK CHILDERS Re: Hotlanta Reptiles (Good Guy)
2458.html Posted At 15:51:00 04/10/2001

Jeffrey Smith Re: Hotlanta Reptiles (Good Guy)
2941.html Posted At 23:14:34 04/26/2001

Be Careful....Looks can be deceiving. Georgia has laws against selling venomous herps that are not indiginous. A lot of people in GA now own hot stuff...geez, where is it coming from....anyone know any lawbreakers?
Robert Hill Re: Hotlanta Reptiles (Good Guy)
3208.html Posted At 13:35:32 05/08/2001

Feel free to blow the whistle, but be reminded that the laws in GA are awefully vague on some things. But it is legal to own and sell whatever NATIVE species of venomous reptile in the state of GA without any kind of permit. But watch out for those cornsnakes!! ;)

Gee, did you know that TECHNICALLY, that beautiful albino Cal King you own is illegal here according to GA law? Or that nice Emory's Ratsnake? Remember what the law states...nonvenomous reptile SPECIES native to GA are illegal to hunt, possess, kill, or seize. And remember, California Kings are a subspecies of the Eastern Kingsnake, and therefore, are technically subject to that law. Not trying to start trouble, just thought I would offer up that bit of info. Ain't Georgia grand?

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