Bonita Galas ** Very good person**

Author Subject: Bonita Galas ** Very good person**
Jen @ HerpCrazy Reptiles Posted At 10:15:11 04/13/2001
I got 4 leopard geckos in a trade with Bonita.
I couldn't be more pleased. They are all happy and beautiful animals.

I am very happy to be sending my precious animals to her, as I know that they will be well cared for.


"HerpCrazy Reptiles"
Mike Theurer Re: Bonita Galas ** Very good person**
2560.html Posted At 11:24:03 04/13/2001

I have gotten leopard geckos and several other things from Bonita she is one terrific lady and she has excellant reptiles.I would say she is the best and recommend her to anyone who was looking for a place to acquire an reptile.
Jeff G Re: Bonita Galas ** Very good person**
2596.html Posted At 09:53:17 04/14/2001

I too purchased a few animals from bonita, and i find her to be extremely friendly, and her animals are excellent.
Roberta Re: Bonita Galas ** Very good person**
3970.html Posted At 19:01:57 05/31/2001

i too have done business with Bonita. she sent me the geckos and trusted me in good christian faith to hold to my end of the deal. she didn't know me from boo.
since then we chat quite frequently and i consider her a true friend thru Christ. Bonita is a wonderful lady and i will continue to do business with her in the years to come. GOD BLESS YOU BONITA!
Sydney Alcorn Re: Bonita Galas ** Very good person**
6811.html Posted At 21:16:58 08/04/2001

I got a baby northern blue tongue skink from Bonita. It was perfect in every way, and Bonita was a great person to deal with. We still keep in touch, and I consider her a true all around great person. Thanks Bonita!!

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