john Posted At 21:58:07 11/16/2000
my story is posted under bruce skippers but i am trying to get anyone else who has been ripped off by CHEN LAI to step forward and tell there story.lets put a stop to him.also people if you are going to purchase a snake ask for a photo if they are producing what they say they should have a camera,chen gave me a story that he goes to college and doesnt have any money for a camera.
Chen Lai Re: CHEN LAI (COBALT REPTILES)VERY BAD GUY (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:10:35 11/21/2000

Give me a break john. Unless you tell me who you really are, I can't help you. And I do email pictures of snakes I have for sale. If you are refering to chris, that's him, not me. And once again, Cobalt reptile is owned by Chris, not me. I only worked for him for a few months.
Vernon Re: CHEN LAI (COBALT REPTILES)VERY BAD GUY (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:51:14 01/13/2001

I don't really order reptiles. But was in need of a anyerthristic female kenyan. It just so happen Chen had one and was willing to depart from her. He kept in contact with me through out the entire transaction and afterward. My packaged arrived in good condition and with no problems.

I've had only a good experience with Chen. If you are unhappy with a purchase from him he will normally be willing to clear any matters up.

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