Author Subject: UVBHeat
Tony Bedell Posted At 23:31:28 04/18/2001
Has anyone ever tried their light's before? I see them advertised on all sort's of thing's and just wondering if they do what they say they do?
edward singletary Re: UVBHeat
2715.html Posted At 00:10:35 04/19/2001

i'm wondering my self. enney info wood be help full
Ernie Watts Re: UVBHeat
2717.html Posted At 01:12:04 04/19/2001

I haven't used them, but I have used zoo-med ceramic heat emitters, the 100 watt and 200 watt, but now I use pro-heat heat panels and would never think of using anything else. I also use cobra undertank heaters for my hide boxes. My cages are 4ftx2ftx2ft and 6ftx2ftx2ft and the hide boxes are built into the bottom like drawers and the left drawer is heated. I also use repti-sun flourescent lighting. I think any heat source is fine. Jeff Ronne uses heating pads, the kind you use for sore muscles under his cages and he has used them for quit some time with no problems. Just make sure the heat source is sufficient for your cage size. I'm sorry I couldn't help with UVBHeat, but I hope the info I did give will be helpful. Thanks, Ernie
brett mazimann Re: UVBHeat
2723.html Posted At 05:33:21 04/19/2001

I have never used UVHeat myself. But know of people who have and they seem to love them. The UVB last twice as long as say a Repti-Sun,plus the UVB content does not compare. UVHeat puts out like 4 or 5 times as much as any other bulb.Also the UV can travel for a couple feet where as a Repti-sun can travel for 12 inches. They have a 1 year pro rated warranty. Flaws in the bulb include that you will need to use a dome lamp that can be suspended off the tank becaue the bulb is very long. Also, since it is an incandesent bulb, it is very fragile to rough handling. These are best used in a LARGE dome lamp (small or medium domes can cause the bulb to over heat and burn out) and best if put on a timer.
Susana Ortiz Re: UVBHeat
2726.html Posted At 07:31:23 04/19/2001

Active UV heat bulbs did wonders for my reptiles. However, I purchased two more and it took 3 weeks for delivery and when I finally recieved them, one went out 2 weeks later and the other went out a week after that. I still have the ones that I bought originally but I am having quite a bit of trouble contacting them about replacement bulbs and they don't return e-mails.
Webmaster Re: UVBHeat
2727.html Posted At 08:30:34 04/19/2001

Well, let me ask you all: Do you really want this message board cluttered up with these kinds of questions?
Yeah, I agree they are of interest, but there are other more appropriate places for them. I am voting to delete
this thread and any of a similar type unless there is an overwhelming response not to.

Tony Bedell Re: UVBHeat
2730.html Posted At 11:02:54 04/19/2001

I don't understand why the webmaster would delete this thread. I think it is a very valid question, because if I am going to shell out 40-50 buck's for a light I want to know how well they work. I figure if Jerry Tubb's can have a hundred thread's that all say the same thing, then this is a pretty valid question. No offense Jerry, just needed an example.
Webmaster Re: UVBHeat
2732.html Posted At 13:12:47 04/19/2001

Tony - go back to the main page of this forum and read what it's purpose is. Do you really think
your query about a product qualifies under the criteria this was designed for?

If you were asking about a particular dealer or person selling the product you are interested in, then
that would be a different story. But this forum is NOT intended to be a product review board
or a consumer reports page. Just as I typically will delete messages that are general in scope, and more
related to husbandry or other topics not at all within the constraints I've placed on what will be considered
as appropriate for this forum.

No, I don't believe your question is valid here, but I am certain you would like responses. KINGSNAKE.COM has more forums
than you can shake a stick at, and I am sure you can find one more appropriate for this sort of discussion material.

If there is enough interest, I can certainly create something like that on HerpWantAds.com, but so far
I really haven't seen the need to do so.

If the majority of people feel I am wrong, I am certainly willing to listen to their arguments, but they will need to be
convincing about how it fits within the scope of the Board of Inquiry forum.

Tony Bedell Re: UVBHeat
2733.html Posted At 13:19:18 04/19/2001

Alright let me rephrase my question, has anyone dealt with the people at UVHeat? If so how do they stand behind their product? Is that Okay webmaster?
Tony B.
Brian Blalock Re: UVBHeat
4227.html Posted At 12:26:07 06/07/2001

e-mail: bblalock@pacbell.net

I think it's a valid thread, because the company that makes the product has been reported to have spotty service, including availability and replacement of faulty products. Finding out whether or not the manufacturer backs a product is a good use of the board, I think.

Sure, the question was more to the point of the quality here, but the other issues are important as well.

There is some info on Melissa Kaplan's site regarding her concerns about Active UV Heat bulbs. Notice that the company has utterly failed to respond to her requests for information, which is something else which is worth reporting here. Everyone interested in this product should read this.

Here's the URL: http://www.sonic.net/~melissk/activeuv.html

For the record, I haven't bought any Active UV Heat bulbs and don't plan to. Which means no first-hand dealings with the company. BUT, I've seen more complaints like Susana's regarding availability/service, and the info on Melissa Kaplan's site is worth considering.
Tony Bedell Re: UVBHeat
6243.html Posted At 01:48:25 07/24/2001

I ended up going with the lights, I did have to wait a few weeks for shipping. But I think these are the best things I ever bought for my dragons. The colors and sizes are just unreal. I had 2 clutches hatch around the same time. I used the ActiveUVBlights on one clutch, and some 5.0 on the other. The differences are remarkable. I recomend them to everyone.
Tony Bedell

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