Regal Reptiles inquiry

Author Subject: Regal Reptiles inquiry
Manny Posted At 19:55:56 04/24/2001
Has anyone had dealings with regal reptiles in
Providence RI?
Nate Benner Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2909.html Posted At 20:47:27 04/24/2001

I have had many dealings with shawn and all have been great. He is a great guy and i will be doing more business with him in the near future.
Mike Taylor Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2911.html Posted At 22:00:24 04/24/2001

I have seen them at herp shows, and I wasn't very impressed at all. Their animals were in poor condition most times, and they were even selling a baby green tree python who had cysts all over it's body for $450. I was also told they would pay no more then $175 for an emerald tree bosa, but they have them for sale for $600 and up. I would reccomend going to someplace that's maybe a little smaller and reliable, these guys are mainly importers, which means for the most part wild caught sickly animals.

Mike Taylor
Matt Hanlon Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2921.html Posted At 14:02:57 04/25/2001

Regal is horrible. I have boughten many times from them and either the animal wouldnt eat or it would die.I know I know, I shouldnt have gone back to them, but I did my loss. Mike I also saw that Green Tree you are referring to and it was sickly looking, I pointed it out to them and Shawn gave me " The animal is perfectly fine, its getting ready for shed". I have been to their store a few times also, the new and the old on. Both dirty ans disgusting. They sold me a baby Green Tree python for 400, it seemed nice, I am into Green Trees and know what I am doing with them. I brought the snake home, let it get settled for a week. Temperature was fine humidity everything was fine. The snake wouldn't eat, I contacted Shawn to no prevail. After a little while, I noticed a great body weight loss,parasites, again I notified Shawn this time I got a response, it was " you have had the snake in your care for over a month now, the parasites came from your own collection, which ALL of my other Green Trees are C.B. and in my care for over a year now. This guy is in it all for the money. He has no sense of care for his animals. Cages have regurgitation, crap, piss everything you can name, in the cages. Snakes are fed disgusting nasty rodents that look like they found them on the streets of Providence. I would DEFINATELY buy from someone else. N.E.R.D. is very reliable and has great snakes, a little pricey but you get what you pay for and some. For any further info on Regal Reptiles, drop me an e-mail and I can give you all the info you need. Thanks and hope I was a help.

Matt Hanlon
West Side Reptiles
Craig Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2926.html Posted At 01:42:11 04/26/2001

I had a very good experience with Shawn. I ordered some tortoises and they came the day he said I would receive them and the animals were emaculate. And he was very concerned for the animals health because he was shipping them all the way to the West Coast.
Eric Burkett Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2940.html Posted At 23:00:31 04/26/2001

I have bought MANY snakes from Shawn. Good Guy!!! He's came a long way and I'm sure it will get even better with time.
Is it just me or does anyone else start worming as soon as the animal arrives??? Just wondering as I start worming on "Day 2" of ownership. ERIC
chad bisbing Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2943.html Posted At 04:22:19 04/27/2001

Whew, what a jumble! Hard to know who to believe here.
Nate Benner Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2948.html Posted At 11:30:25 04/27/2001

If anyone wants more information on the stuff i have gotten from shawn and all of my good dealings with him you can feel free to email me and i will tell you about my experiences(all good) with him.
Snake Lady aka Wendy L. Hutchings Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
2955.html Posted At 19:00:58 04/27/2001

I've done business with Shawn @ Regal Reptiles. He has been honest about his animals. He's truthful regarding their status of being WC or CB. I keep all my new reptiles in quarantine for a full year. I do this to protect my established reptiles from both parasites & dreaded viruses such as IBDV & OPMV. It's the owner's responsibility to test & treat for parasites. Often times a dealer won't have the animal in its care long enough to do a full series of parasite treatments. One dose of Panacur & Flagyl doesn't cure an infection. The doses need to be repeated & further fecal analysis performed. I bought a WC green tree from Shawn. It was free of mites but did have indigenous parasites that are common & should be expected! It's the owner's responsibility to give their new herp proper care including veterinary care. Even CB animals should have a fecal analysis at regular intervals. All new animals coming into a collection should have a fecal analysis & be treated appropriately. I've been in the business for many years & feel that Shawn honestly represents his animals. All dealers need to make money. No crime in living the American dream. No dealer is perfect but Shawn does a good job & honestly represents his animals. BTW I've seen GTPs with funky sheds. Regal usualy has quite a few GTPs why would they deliberately bring a sick one to a show? Sincerely, snake lady
shawn fay Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3106.html Posted At 09:44:41 05/03/2001

Ok i sell cb emeralds for $450 in stock now wc start at $300 so i ofered you less than you wanted on a snake sorry............
if anyone would like to see compleat transcrps of me and mat hanllons and my e-mail conversations let me know
we have 3 full time people cleaning cages at this time.
well over %50 of what we sell is Captive bred we are tell the truth about the past on everything we sell ill print out this thread and put it up at the store and perhaps bring it around to the shows.......
thanks for the good words.....................

so far 3-2 for
Jon Van Dina Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3121.html Posted At 02:10:41 05/04/2001

Hey, i have dealt with regal reptiles on numerous occasions, the people that work there are friendly, very knowledgable, and the cages are always clean, although i dont know sean on a first name basis, if he runs the store i say hes doing a damn fine job and keep up the good god damn work, i have bought a b\w argentine tegu from there, a water monitor and a number of frogs and lizards, as of now my tegu eats everything in site, and my water monitor is a eating machine, no worms no nothing,so if you people wanna complain then go somewhere else and do it. They also play ICP in the store which is definitly a plus,
Sincerely:Jonny Van
p.s.,i come up to regal at least once a month from Long Island where we have a least four reptile stores withing driving distance, think i do it for my health? nope,my herps health
Ciro Spina Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3127.html Posted At 13:22:28 05/04/2001

I was not going to put my 2 cents in, but...

I saw them at Hamburg, PA this past weekend...Their animals looked totally fine and healthy... I didn't see any cysts or emaciated animals on their table at all..The containers were clean and the animals were not bathing in their feces and urine....HOWEVER, every animal I looked at was "rare"...I think they were throwing that term around a little too loosely...All in all, though, if they had something I liked I would have certainly bought it from them...

rob merlino Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3129.html Posted At 14:46:55 05/04/2001

I bought some frogs from them at a show that are doing just fine! The folks there are very nice and seem knowledgable. Their store is quite messy and dirty though and that always puts up a red flag for me.
Kim Protich Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3158.html Posted At 06:05:24 05/05/2001

I have seen and bought from Regal at shows and NEVER a problem.I have just ordered millipedes from them due to arrive this coming week.I am sure they will be fine.I have been dealing with Patrick & he is awesome.Sorry someone had a problem.It probably didn't even come from your store.I'm sure if it did the situation would be rectified.
Andrew Shea Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3183.html Posted At 20:34:21 05/06/2001

I think regal reptiles is fantastic!!! I bought my monkey tailed skink there last June, and she was and still is in great condidtion. The only thing I'm not real fond of, is no cash refunds, only a store credit. But other than that, i think that everyone there is great. Shawn is a nice honest guy. Im going there again real soon, to purchase another monkey tailed skink.
zach whitman Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3209.html Posted At 16:32:49 05/08/2001

I have never bought anything from regal before and I have never noticed them at the shows. As I surf the web, I constantly come upone regal's site and the first thing I see is lists of people complaining about their service and animals, and other people viciously defending them. I work in a reptile specialty store in new jerey and I also breed privatly as a hobby. I think that the whole purpose of people writing in, to complain, is total BS. If you have hundreds of reptiles in a store, the floor is going to be messy. Unless you have a huge staff, things will probobly be unorganized and even the most wonderful and knowledgeable employies make mistakes. Anyone can be caught at a bad time and be short with a customer.(nice people have called my store but when im restling a 9 foot yellow anaconda, being polite is the last thing on my mind.) Cages will sometimes be messy, deal with it. As long as the cages are not horible, and are not neglected for long, then who cares? What do you want from a dealer trying to provide you with the best animals he can. Shawn is probobly not a million air and, as in my store is sometimes short handed. All dealers will sometimes sell sick animals. Animals are not in the store long enough to medicate. What the customer sees is what we see. If the animal looks healthy to you and you buy it, thats all we know, the rest is up to you. Worm and have all new animals checked by a vet. As far as a no cash refund, people can be really stupid with their animals and so i cant see why a store should guaranty them. If you buy a healthy animal (green tree python) and kill it within two days by puting it in the tank with your bearded drogons, you want the store to be responsible for it when you come back and say it was sick when you bought it? please. I have bought animals from nerd and have not been happy at all. I got injured/deformed animals and no compensation. Kevin did exchange it but i paid shipping. 2 months later i saw the same animal on his table, a 4 year old dumirels boa with a retarded face, on sale for $60. I would say that regal's only real mistake is having this page up at all. The controversy causes more problems then it helps you guys. Like one guy said, its hard to know who to believe.
Chris Lima Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3210.html Posted At 17:58:24 05/08/2001

I have many animals in my collection acquired from regal and all are quality. To single out regal is completely biased. Shawn, it sounds to me that this matt guy has a personal issue against you. I have placed many orders with other facilities and not even received the species of animal I ordered. And you want to single out shawn, gimme a break, P.S. NERD is not that great. Shawn gets all his imports from the same distributors that Kev gets his from. ANd i have seen just as many dirty cages at NERD. It depends on if you have the experience and know how to work with reptiles. First off you are buying a green tree, which are extremely sensitive to the slightest fluctuations in humidity and ambient cage temperature. And second you had the animal for a month, if you noticed it was becoming emaciated, it was obviously parasitized and YOU should have wormed it!!! Supposedly you are such a know it all, and yet you dont know how to worm a snake?!!?? Im sorry if I sound arrogant because I always try to make a conscious effort not to be. But I have been in the reptile business for 8 years, and that doesnt count my overall time keeping them as pets, and I have seen people like this guy before. They buy animals that they dont have a clue about and then they whine that they got screwed. TOO BAD!!!
matt holick Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3215.html Posted At 22:45:36 05/08/2001

i recently bought a baby savahnna monitor and an argentine boa from regal reptiles, both animals are in pwerfect condition, as were just about all the animals i saw in the store. a few of the cages were somewhat messy, but considerring the size of thier inventory i can see them falling behind on cleaning every now and then. overall, the store was great, all the employees were knowledgable and friendly, overall it was probably one of the better reptile stores ive been to, look forward to doing bussiness with them in the future
Ron raynaldo Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3224.html Posted At 11:56:31 05/09/2001

john(you him i think)has been telling me about this store for a long time now and ive only heard good things about iti dont know whatthe problem of these people that are attacking you,i think if you buy a wc reptile its your responsibility to check if it has desease or is unhealthy
Robert Sewell Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3229.html Posted At 16:10:55 05/09/2001

I have only dealt with Regal once but I was happy with their service and animals. I bought a baby BRB at their table in White Plains in April. It was great when I got it but unfortunately it died just inside of a week. I told them my problem and they offered to replace it for half price ($60), to which I agreed. I drove down there from Albany, NY (about 2 1/2 hours each way) to get a new one, and when I got there Shawn was not around but I got to pick from about 20 different animals. And they only charged me $40 of the expected $60. Seems to me they are more concerned with retaining customers, than making money. And as I said in a post on Kingsnake, it's a fine day when people are responsible for their animals and are more concerned with keeping customers than making a profit.
Adam Degan Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3243.html Posted At 18:26:01 05/10/2001

hi, my name is adma degan i am a future frilled dragon purchaser. I will be attending the store this saturday. PLease email me if you do not agree or if you do agree i should purchase one from regal reptiles. I have mixed feelings now because of the comments.
Adam Degan Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3244.html Posted At 18:26:51 05/10/2001

hi, my name is adma degan i am a future frilled dragon purchaser. I will be attending the store this saturday. PLease email me if you do not agree or if you do agree i should purchase one from regal reptiles. I have mixed feelings now because of the comments.
janet libera Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3261.html Posted At 07:39:21 05/11/2001

I also would like to defend Shawn and Regal Reptiles. I contacted Shawn about a year ago because I had purchased two corns from a MA breeder in 1999 who wouldn't sex them as babies. I called Shawn and was honest about where I purchased them and he told me to bring them in and he'd sex them for me. That was very nice of him since I hadn't purchased them from Regal. In fact, had I known of Regal before making my purchase, I probably would have gone there. Shawn was also kind enough to let us into the back room to see his breeding stock. All of his animals looked healthy to me. Therefore, I have nothing bad to say about Regal!!!!
Alexander Rousseau Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3295.html Posted At 07:17:45 05/13/2001

Just the fact that he allows people to voice their complaints shows he cares about his customers and his professional integrity. For those who said he's just in it for the money -- well -- duh -- it's nice to be able to eat. I purchased from Regal at three straight shows. There was no loyalty; he just had good tables. My purchases included a hatchling grey banded, a hatchling Indian Star Tortoise, and a yearling Red Tegu. All are thriving and beautiful. Would I have bought any old thing at his tables? No. But that's called exercising common sense.
The Devil Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3483.html Posted At 23:45:40 05/20/2001

I can't say enough good things about Regal. All you idiots who say the animals are sick are liars. You probably made them sick yourselfs and are blaming Regal because your too much of a coward to admit you screwd up. I've bought 3 emperor scorpions, a goliath bird eater tarantula, and a columbian tegu from Regal and all are as healthy as can be. In fact, I'm going to buy a malaysian blue scorpion from them tommorrow. I also have a scorpion that i bought from Petco and his claw recently fell off and he dosn't move much. Petco's the place you should talk about. I saw a rotting gekco in their cage yesterday that looked like it's been there forever. I've went to many petstores, and Regal is the only store with a great selection of rare and exotic creatures. They have things I've never heard of before and not once have I seen a thing wrong with any of their animals. Well, that's all I have to say. Keep up the good work Regal and pay no attention to these ignorant pricks who speak lies.
Denise Borgeson Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3529.html Posted At 08:36:49 05/22/2001

I have been dealing with Shawn & Beth for about 6 years now. First as a store owner in Mass & now just as a herp enthusist. (as in my reptile store failed) I would just like to point out to the average consumer just how taxing it is to own/operate any retail establishment & when it is living creatures it is 100% harder. I was in their new store yesterday, chatting & checking out stuff. I made the drive home moaning about how I miss having a store. Miss being a part of the 'scene', miss having the space to have the animals I couldn't accomadate at home, miss the hands on challenge of caring for some of natures most unique creatures. It was only about two hours later before I remembered the BS that went with having a store. The Christmas eve I spent with a dying iguana instead of my children. The closed for the holidays but have to get everyone fed days. Buying animals on the cheaper side believing I could pep 'em up, or the reverse buying the best & having customers saying, oh but I can get this from petco for half this price. It's a very delicate balance to have good ethical practices & to have good business sense. Those who want to say the ethics should outweigh the business need to remember, EVERYTHING in a pet store needs to eat. Without the business side at least breaking even thats pretty hard to do. It is trial & error, good intentions & determination that will keep a store open as long as Regal has been.
Anyone with an interest in reptiles will have exchanges go differently than they would have wanted. By definition exotic animals implies that their care & keeping is more challenging than a domesticated animal. When a consumer is looking at something they HAVE to have, something they just aren't going to find anywhere else, they have to assess the risk adherent to having something so unique. Assuming we are all adults, it's not even anothers job to tell you you should think about what you are buying & if you can accomadate it. You should know that already. When you look at a speciman, you decide if this specimen & your current level of knowledge of said animal is such that it is likely you will be successful in keeping it; if not then don't buy it.
Further when you leave the store it is your responsibility to care for the animal & all that entails. If you think it looks a little off, take it to a vet. If it doesn't eat right away, right away contact where it came from, ask if theres any 'tricks' that you might not have thought of. Anyone here has internet access, get out there & look for info; and hey if you find something no one has thought of before~ share the info. No one involved with animals wants to see animals die that could have been prevented. If for no reason past stores want repeat business & dead animals don't eat. But I will tell you from my experience that every person I have met in the animal business wants the animals to thrive because they have a geniune love of animals that brings them to this business. For myself, it's the humans I am not too impressed with.
Jim Reilly Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3696.html Posted At 01:12:24 05/25/2001

Wow, anyone notice how quick the negative posts got hammered by positive and defensive posts? That's becuase Regal is a great store and people who shop there regularly know it's really the only place to go if you want quality herps.

As far as it being a "dirty and disgusting" store I have to say it is by far one of the most well kept Herp/Aquarium shops I've seen. Did ya notice all the new Neodesha and Vision cages? How many "pet stores" do you see with most of their livestock in those bad-boys? The expanded walk-ins and the EXCELLENT back room setups (I'd kill to make my herp room as effective as the hatchling room!)are just further indication of the level of professionalism on which Regal operates.

And as far as Shawn saying "You had the animal in your care for a month"? I had a Rainbow Boa for over three and when it started to grow ill Shawn's wife called Shawn and he gave me the full purchase price as credit toward anything I wanted (which turned out to be another Rainbow Boa who is lookin AWESOME and eats a rat pup a week!). THAT is customer support and that is why I will buy all my herps at Regal!

Hey just a quickie to the music fans amongst the herpers!! If you live in the Northeast and like punk rock check out my band, Immortal Alice, at!We play all over Mass, RI, NY, CT and Jersey and are heading to the UK this summer! Check us out and drop us a line!

Jim Reilly
Shawn Fay Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
3821.html Posted At 13:46:46 05/28/2001

Talk about 10lb. balls, the moron above that posted all the crap about us, just wanted to buy stuff from me. Matt if you ever see us at a show please introduce yourself I would love to talk to you..........

Here is my reply and his post to me..........

Why would ever consider buying from scum like us? The letter you just sent me will be posted to my site and also where you posted your lies so everyone can see, what a weasely Lying SCUMBAG You are......

Your Friend,
Shawn Fay
voice(401)277-9000 fax(401)351-0235
891 N. Main St.
Providence, RI
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From: Matthew Hanlon
Sent: May 26, 2001 11:26 PM
Subject: Reptiles

I was wondering if you have any baby Caimen for sale? How much are they? Could you give me a discount price on 5 of them? Also the big albino Burmese in the pictures on your web site, is it for sale? And what is the sex on it? Thank you and get back ASAP.

Joe & Matt
West Side Reptiles

LORI KEHOE Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
4040.html Posted At 03:52:29 06/03/2001

WOW!! I must say that I personnally fall under the category of a satisfied repeat customer. My first purchase from REGAL REPTILES was a children's python. I had purchased a ball python for my son from another reptiles dealer in Mass. and 1 1/2 days later it died [turned out to be IBD]. The store wouldn't refund me to any extent [ not that I really wanted another sick animal]. My son was very upset at the time and I was trying to find another bp for him fast. While in yet another reptile store my son noticed a children's python [had no bp's] and wanted it. Unfortunately that one had been sold already. The store owner got on the phone with Shawn at Regal [ this store purchases all their reptiles from REGAL] and I had a HEALTHY chlidren's python in my hands the next day. We still have her more than a year later and have since such time purchased reptiles from Regal reptiles either directly or thru another dealer who they supply. ALL my animals have been healthy and Shawn has always been nothing but GREAT to deal with. I'm going there soon to look at their GTP's and hognoses. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK REGAL !!
Ray Ward Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
4676.html Posted At 20:43:53 06/19/2001

Regal Reptile is hands down a great store. Shawn and Beth are totally dedicated to customer service, and have always been very easy to bargain with. I have never had any bad experiences with Regal, and I think that they are very upstanding people. I have been a regular customer of theirs since they opened several years ago, and I continue to do business there regularly.I have been buying reptiles for over 30 years and I can state that I have never been as satisfied with a retail establishment as I have been with Regal.
dawn Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
4953.html Posted At 19:02:39 06/27/2001

hi my name is dawn and i haved visited swawns store at regal reptiles and it was imaculent!!!! i bought two red eyed tree frogs some whites tree frogs and whitelip treefrogs and i also purchased and my mom purchased two bearded dragons and all are doing great!!!!! shawn is wonderful and he knows his stuff i am so glad my sone brought me there and i plan on going back keep up the good work shawn and staff.!!! and the savanna my son bought i have it now and she is the friendlyest thing i ever owned. i wii be back to visit regal again and again. i loved the water pond and the animals in it!!!! dont listen to any of the negatave things there is good and bad in every pet shop but in shawns case its all good!!!!!!! dawn martinez
dawn Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
4954.html Posted At 19:03:28 06/27/2001

hi my name is dawn and i haved visited shawns store at regal reptiles and it was imaculent!!!! i bought two red eyed tree frogs some whites tree frogs and whitelip treefrogs and i also purchased and my mom purchased two bearded dragons and all are doing great!!!!! shawn is wonderful and he knows his stuff i am so glad my sone brought me there and i plan on going back keep up the good work shawn and staff.!!! and the savanna my son bought i have it now and she is the friendlyest thing i ever owned. i wii be back to visit regal again and again. i loved the water pond and the animals in it!!!! dont listen to any of the negatave things there is good and bad in every pet shop but in shawns case its all good!!!!!!! dawn martinez
dawn Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
4955.html Posted At 19:04:44 06/27/2001

hi my name is dawn and i haved visited shawns store at regal reptiles and it was imaculent!!!! i bought two red eyed tree frogs some whites tree frogs and whitelip treefrogs and i also purchased and my mom purchased two bearded dragons and all are doing great!!!!! shawn is wonderful and he knows his stuff i am so glad my son brought me there and i plan on going back keep up the good work shawn and staff.!!! and the savanna my son bought i have it now and she is the friendlyest thing i ever owned. i wii be back to visit regal again and again. i loved the water pond and the animals in it!!!! dont listen to any of the negatave things there is good and bad in every pet shop but in shawns case its all good!!!!!!! dawn martinez
Hillary Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
5452.html Posted At 18:30:48 07/07/2001

Hey, I have never been to Regals but will be visiting soon. But I did e-mail Shawn a question about feeding my toads. He got back to me the next DAY!!!! Most people don't even CHECK their e-mails that often!!! Anyway, I read his e-mail and it seemed that he really knew what he was talkin about. I followed his advice and my toads are doing great. As for that stuff about Regal being smelly and messy.... Well, all I hear is GOOD comments about Regal. Why do you think I'm planning on vistiting there? No one is more picky about animal health and happiness than I am!!!
Travis Foster Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
5575.html Posted At 22:25:50 07/09/2001

I felt compelled to write and say that I have been to the store, and always go to the RI show, and Regal always seems interested in representing thier animals properly. At the tables, I see tons of animals in a small space, but the enclosures are clean and the animals are displayed with a minimum of stress. I tend to like the stranger boids ( ones where there is not much written about) and thier staff has always been helpful. For example, Papuan pythons are among my favorite snakes, and I would really like to own one, but after to talking to regal staff, I figure I can do without the mid-size python in the neodesha that looks like it wants to kill me!!
At the last show we went with a friend who wanted to buy her first snake, and we bought a smokin' rosy boa from regal, Great Stuff, keep up the good work.
Jason BArtolett Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
6934.html Posted At 12:53:48 08/07/2001

I know I'm a little late getting in on this debate, but I figured I'd relay my experience with Regal Reptiles. When I noticed that they had a few arachnids I wanted, I e-mailed their arachnid specialist, Patrick Kane, several times before placing my order. Every time i e-mailed him, Patrick got back to me with in one HOUR. I called to place my order, and it arrived the next day, bright and early. Both of the animals I ordered, a New Guinea Rust Orange Tarantula, and a Death Stalker Scorpion, arrived alive, healthy, and with good body weight-they weren't the half dead pieces of crap that some of these posts suggest I would be getting. And on top of that, Patrick actually called me later that day to make sure my animals arrived OK and to see if there were any problems. How many dealers do you know that do that? Most figure no news is good news. As far as the people who commented on how the store looked-I've never seen their store, but I work in a pet store, and I know how it can be having to look after so many animals, deal with customers, maintain the store, do other miscellaneous work around the store, answer phones, and try to make a profit doing it. Some cages are going to be dirty on some days. Get over it. The floors are going to be messy. Deal with it. It's a pet store, not a French Resteraunt. Im sure the people who posted those comments have never even worked a retail job, let alone worked in a pet store. I was very pleased with Regal's service.
Chris"hot buns" Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
8586.html Posted At 15:31:44 09/02/2001

Dude, I bought all kinds of stuff from regal, and they are so good. Matt(the kid with glasses) is the best gecko man I have ever met and Joe(the short one) is so smart and really atractive! But shawn and Beth are so nice. Expecially Beth, she is so hot. Shawn better watch out cause I think she kinda digs me. Hey you guys should bet a big king cobra for the store. Love, Chris a.k.a. hot buns
R. Josh Mercer Re: Regal Reptiles inquiry
9265.html Posted At 21:35:23 09/20/2001

Hey Regals! Whats going on? I just wanted to complement you on your great and exelent choices of reptiles, and your awesome selection of inverts. I have recently bought some scorpions from you, and I liked what I got. Only one of the 2 scorpions I ordered made it, but thats just how life is. The one that did survive is doing great, just how it arrived...GREAT!!! Keep up the EXELENT work. I look forward to doing more busness with you. Take Care,

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