Recommendations....Good Guys

Author Subject: Recommendations....Good Guys
Donnie Posted At 14:48:12 10/04/2000
I recommend Don Soderberg
He's a great guy.
And also Rich Zuchowski
The best!
Great snakes!
thanks, hope this helps
Clint Boyer More Good Guys (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:13:50 10/04/2000

I agree, Both Rich and Don are a credit to the industry.

Frank Pinello is also a great guy to do business with.

John Cherry of Cherryville farms is another good guy.

Jim Stelpflug of Southwest Wisconsin Retiles also did well by me.

I have done business with all of these guys and would recommend them highly to anyone.

mike Re: Recommendations....Good Guys (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:54:59 10/24/2000

Cynorasaunders and Bonita Galas have the best service and VERY GOOD REPTILES I have BTS and geckos and corns,milksnakes the list goes on and the quality just does not stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Re: Recommendations....Good Guys
2552.html Posted At 00:38:39 04/13/2001

I agree, Don Soderberg at South Mt. is great.

Also, Rick at Renedade Reptiles was great too, any more colubrid purchases of mine will be with them!

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