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Sep Barret Posted At 19:53:18 05/13/2001
Has anyone order/bought from Aline Reptiles (Madagascar)?
I would appreciate any positive or negative comments on
the service, shipping and quality of what was being
stated for sale? They have a $350 min and want to hear
from fellow gecko and chameleon enthusiasts. Thanks Seps
M n R-Reptiles Good people///////
3325.html Posted At 11:45:51 05/14/2001

Great people, good stuff. Buy alot from them and animasl do pretty good if set up right. I recomend them. Facility is very clean and animals are mostly kept in naturalistic enclosures. You can see their setups at or something similar to that.
Robert Gundy Reptiles Re: Aline Reptiles
3341.html Posted At 17:13:48 05/14/2001

They are great people. I love them. They're animals are good and so is their service. Most of my Mad. stock is from them. I even have a breeding trio of U. phantasticus from them. I highly recommend them.

Robert Hill/Geckos Anonymous Re: Aline Reptiles
3415.html Posted At 07:38:47 05/17/2001

They have consistently sent me excellent animals and Aline has given me top notch service. It is a shame that they do not get in animals from other than Madagascar, otherwise I would get ALL of my imports from them.

Great people!

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