Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?

Author Subject: Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?
Sande Ellis Posted At 20:03:52 05/26/2001
Can anyone give me information on Jerry Tubbs, I am thinking about purchaseing a animal from him. Thanks, Sande
John A Re: Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?
3761.html Posted At 20:27:28 05/26/2001

try using the keyword search, you will find a whole MESS
of information on this individual from this site
take care
BILLIE GARR Re: Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?
3762.html Posted At 20:31:44 05/26/2001

I've dealt with Jerry once and would not hesitate dealing with him again. Igot a pair of adult dumeril boas. They came healthy and looked great. As far as I'm concerned hes a good guy. Billie.
James Friess Re: Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?
3763.html Posted At 21:12:42 05/26/2001

I have a few friends that have done business with Jerry. From the ONGOING experience they are having/have had with that deal, I can tell you Jerry will never get a dime of my money.
chad bisbing Re: Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?
3766.html Posted At 04:57:52 05/27/2001

Jerry is perhaps the most controversial figure in this forum. He has tons of both supporters and detractors. Use the keyword search and decide for yourself.
Andrew Anders Re: Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs?
3985.html Posted At 01:27:19 06/01/2001

In a post above, Jerry states that he will not be answering emails, and can't ship the snakes thats he's recieved payment for, and that in order to get your money back, you need to send a sase to his po i'd say he's no longer in business, unless you want to wait until late June for your snakes.

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