Big Cheese Rodent Factory (inquiry)

Author Subject: Big Cheese Rodent Factory (inquiry)
Mike Heinrich Posted At 22:58:52 06/08/2001
Has anyone purchased frozen rodents from these guys? What's your opinion of their products and service?
Ernie Watts Re: Big Cheese Rodent Factory (inquiry)
4317.html Posted At 02:01:26 06/09/2001

I have bought from them, but I was told they went out of business. They stopped returning my calls and my E-mails for no apparent reason and never once told me anything. I started buying from They were refered by Peter Kahl. SAS will sell you 1 rat or mouse or 1,000. Live or frozen. I have a post a couple lines down with the prices from SAS. It is a post about rats so it should be easy to find. Hope this helps. Ernie
Jeff Craven Re: Big Cheese Rodent Factory (inquiry)
4390.html Posted At 10:31:08 06/11/2001

I have purchased from them a few times in the past. The rodents I received were good quality. I did get the impression from dealing with them in the past that they were a very small business perhaps out of a residence. I went to reorder from them a few months back and the number I had is no longer valid.

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