Baby Female Veiled

Author Subject: Baby Female Veiled
Jack Posted At 12:00:39 12/30/2000
Does anybody know of an honest, reasonably priced , healty source of veiled chameleons? Is is safe to order and have shipped in winter?

Thank you.
Anna Re: Baby Female Veiled
Posted At 10:25:29 03/17/2001

jack i do know of a place were you can get a reasonably priced line of stores they have healthy Chameleons they have jacksons and veileds first i need to ask you some questions 1.have you ever had one if not you might want to reconsider 2. do you feel like you have enough time to take care of one 3. have you read lots of information on them 4.i DON't recomend you even THINKING about shipping one espistioly in the winter they can have very serios health problems aand if you nee oa source try PETSMART

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