Tribal Propagation= Very good guys

Author Subject: Tribal Propagation= Very good guys
Kristin Kraczek Posted At 17:38:33 06/18/2001
Very clean establishment, friendly people, fairly priced, and lots to choose from! I highly recommend them!
Tony Basica's Weirdsnakes Yes they are.
4662.html Posted At 10:54:10 06/19/2001

I have met very few people in this field as dedicated to CAPTIVE propagation. They really do a great job and are truly dedicated to quality. Great folks to do business with.
Keep up the good work guys.
Jay A. Martin Re: Tribal Propagation= Very good guys
5471.html Posted At 10:23:32 07/08/2001

I just traded for a beautiful male Argentine. Brian is most knowledgable and obviously cares about his animals. Which is quite important to me since I DO care what happens to my animals after they leave here. I highly recommend them.

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