Walkaboutreptiles.com definately good guys!!

Author Subject: Walkaboutreptiles.com definately good guys!!
Cristy Posted At 22:42:45 01/05/2001
I purchased two leopard geckos from www.walkabout.com and recieved them today.They are beautiful and very healthy looking.I am very pleased with the service Arlen from walkabout reptiles provided.He kept in constant contact and let me know all I wanted too and more.They have great communication and very nice geckos.I have read a number of horror stories about buying animals over the net and was a little worried, but to my surprise everything turned out great.The geckos arrived on time in a very well packed box with insulation and heat packs in their own seperate containers.I just wanted to let everyone know my opinion and how HAPPY I am to have such beautiful animals and such a smooth transaction.
cristy Re: Walkaboutreptiles.com definately good guys!! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:44:02 01/05/2001

sorry the address I gave was wrong here it is www.walkaboutreptiles.com I forgot the reptiles part in the above statement.Sorry!!
April Difinatley Good! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:38:57 01/13/2001

Yes Arlen Is a great guy that knows his stuuf.I have 2 geckos from him both are healthy happy and beautiful.It's good to know somebody will take the extra effort to help you with your new pet after it is out of thier care!
I highly recomend Walkabout Reptiles!

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