Jesse Underhill (awesomeboas) BAD GUY!!! BAD GUY

Author Subject: Jesse Underhill (awesomeboas) BAD GUY!!! BAD GUY
Eric Russell Posted At 04:43:53 07/04/2001


Jesse Underhill (awesomeboas) BAD GUY!!! BAD GUY!!! HE IS A BAD GUY!!!!!! He has stolen my money and never sent me anything!!! EVERYONE be very careful buying anything from him because he is a thief! I have tried to work this out with him but every time he changes all his info and phone numbers! THIS
IS A WARNING SO ALL BE CAREFUL. If anyone needs more info e-mail me and I will let you know what you want. Eric Russell ericR

Mark Berger Just a suggestion
5265.html Posted At 18:07:44 07/04/2001

You might want to post some details here, otherwise your post holds no credibility and will most likely just be deleted.

Why not give us some specifics of the transaction?

Eric Russell Re: Jesse Underhill (awesomeboas) BAD GUY!!! BAD GUY
5317.html Posted At 15:56:29 07/05/2001


OKay this is what happened:
Jesse Underhill posted some frilled dragons for sale about 1 year ago. I responded and decided to buy a female frilled dragon from him. It cost $150 including the shipping (not a bad price at the time but now it is a great price!) I sent him the money and he did not respond for about 2-3 weeks! Then I e-mailed him and called him and he said his kid was sick and he had a lot ot do...... So we agreed that we could ship it to me in about 2 weeks.

I called him after the 2 weeks where up and he said he was sick and that his brother shipped it to me! LOL He said that he forgot to e-mail me the tracking number and also the box must be lost! Then he said that there was a mistake and it was not ever sent. That was the last time I talked to him for a long time!!! He changed his e-mail and phone number! I could not get a hold of him then!

I posted all over the internet for help to find him and I got his new e-mail! I e-mailed him and asked what is going on and what his new phone number was. He responded with a tracking number that had the frilled dragon but it was never in the computer for USPS and they said it was fake when I called USPS! That was the last time I heard of him, till I saw a post about him on this board about 2 weeks ago! I e-mailed him and we will see what happens! If he does come around I will post here and let you all know! If anyone wants any other info please e-mail me at

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