Southeast Reptile Exchange, Inc....??

Author Subject: Southeast Reptile Exchange, Inc....??
Steve Himes Posted At 04:12:52 07/11/2001
Has anyone ever done business with these folks or know anything about them? I've done a keyword search here, but it didn't return anything. I'm considering making a purchase but I've never heard of them before now.

Andrew Wilson Re: Southeast Reptile Exchange, Inc....??
5642.html Posted At 07:47:14 07/11/2001

I made an order for a pair of black-necked spitting cobras, and a pair of green mambas. The order went great, they had good customer relations, and were more than willing to answer my questions. After my order arrived at the airport they called my house to make sure everything was satisfactory. Whenever I see an ad for them I check it out in case they have something I want. I personally would highly recommend them.
Andrew Wilson
Tom Townsend Re: Southeast Reptile Exchange, Inc....??
5650.html Posted At 11:16:58 07/11/2001

I had a very similar experience with Joe and Curt at Southeast as did Andrew. The staff was polite and concerned for my satisfaction and the welfare of the animals. Everything I received from them was "as represented" and the animals arrived as promised. I would not hesitate to place another order with Southeast in the future.

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