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jeff schofield Posted At 20:09:56 07/12/2001
Since I had a bad experience with a minor at this site I would like to make a suggestion to you. Through my job I've learned that it is LEGAL to photocopy drivers licenses(ID's),if its voluntary, in every state except Maine. A prudent thing to do would be to have advertisers remove their ss# from the ID and submit it to legitimize their business. We would all benefit from this and you would have less problems with minors scamming us out of our hard earned $ or animals. Make an at large suggestion(take a poll)and see how the people who use the site feel about it. Jeff
BRIAN ROGERS Re: Request to webmaster
5725.html Posted At 21:14:52 07/12/2001

well jeff i have a problem with not leting minors buy or sell on here first i will tell you im 18 but if you only alow adults to dell or buy reptiles how in the world will reptiles servive in this country? dont you need new herpers to keep it going??? if you cut out the younger herpers the reptile business will drop some not alot but it will drop who usually buys the balls or small snakes?? kids do were you going to sell your baby balls or corns??
Tony Devlin Re: Request to webmaster
5727.html Posted At 21:31:20 07/12/2001

I believe Jeff is on to a great idea...not so much to minors but to "All" who wish to sell on this board. BUT, this type of system would involve security measures (software upgrade)and more work for the webmaster, hence a fee could be required. Not speaking for Rich, but I believe this to be an awesome headache and more involvement in which this board was originally intended.
Just my thoughts.....
Ian Dungan Re: Request to webmaster
5731.html Posted At 22:42:01 07/12/2001

Scam artists are not restricted by age. They come in all shapes and sizes, maybe even one of

Corey Sawyer Re: Request to webmaster
5732.html Posted At 22:43:53 07/12/2001

Im 18, and can prove it. But there is NO WAY in HECK im going to give out copies of my ID.

Webmaster Re: Request to webmaster
5734.html Posted At 23:28:21 07/12/2001

Personally, I do not believe that age and ethics are directly related. Sometimes you can learn the value of ethics, which might have been absent in your younger days, but I don't believe it automatically is true that the younger you are, the less ethical you are. So I am not inclined to have a prejudicial attitude towards someone just because of their age.

Secondly, a registration system like you are suggesting would be extremely time consuming and a lot of work for me to undertake. Quite frankly, I like running this message board (well MOST of the time I do), but certainly not to the extent that I am going to dedicate my life to it. I will often ask for everyone's opinions about the way I do things or things I may be speculating on changing, but in reality, I have to balance off the way I run this by what is best and what doesn't suck up all my time and efforts. Bear in mind that you are getting MUCH more than you paid for here, but you get it warts and all.

So I think the best thing to do is to take due care with every transaction you make, no matter whom it is with. If YOU feel the need to see some sort of ID before you engage in a deal, then by all means do so. But I can certainly see no reason at all why I would want to make such a requirement for someone simply to post anywhere on this site. For that matter, if I wanted to post an ad somewhere and I was asked for a copy of my driver's license or some similar ID, I'd tell the website operator to go fly a kite. I am extremely jealous of my privacy, and certainly will respect others' as well.

Jude {MiLadyDragonn} Re: Request to webmaster
5743.html Posted At 01:22:55 07/13/2001

~Although it is not always effective, I make very effort to be sure the person I am conducting business with is, at least, 18 years old. I know that there are many scammers who are older, but my concern is doing business with someone when their parents may not even be aware of what's going on. I have two teenagers (15 and 16) as well as older children. I would definitely have issue with my younger ones doing business, of any kind, on line without my knowledge and supervision.
~I usually ask to speak to a parent, or I will give my business phone number to them and ask that the parent call me, collect if necessary. I, also, have a form that I can send out and request it be signed and either sent or faxed to me, by the responsible adult. You would be surprised how many "buyers" back out of deals in lieu of revealing their age!
~I know, this does not always work, kids can get adults or others to "stand in" for them, but it does decrease the number of children I have to deal with. The signed form, also, insures that I have legal recourse should a transaction go bad.
~Alot more trouble to do? Yes! Much more effort on my part? Absolutely! Have I lost prosective buyers because of my demands? A few times. Worth it? Without a doubt! But anyone who has dealt with me knows they are getting quality (product, assistance and advice)from a professional and caring breeder and businessperson.

Jude Fitch{MiLadyDragonn} Re: Request to webmaster
5744.html Posted At 01:25:48 07/13/2001

Sorry, forgot to put my last name in.
Brian Blalock Re: Request to webmaster
6222.html Posted At 13:04:38 07/23/2001

e-mail: bblalock[at]

I agree about the registration idea not being workable.

I agree that not all minors are dishonest, nor should they be prevented from doing business.

However, it is important to point out that in many instances, one cannot enter into a contract with a minor, which leaves the buyer/seller with fewer recourses if something should go wrong with a deal.

I've never had a bad experience dealing with a minor for things I've gotten online at auction sites, but I would hesitate to buy a herp from a minor due to the inherent risk involved with purchasing live animals. Fact is, scam or no scam, there's a lot of risk in transactions involving animals, especially many herps, and if you're dealing with a minor, you could be assuming ALL the risk. That's just not something I'm willing to do. (I'll note here that if I a) know the person well and b) am dealing with someone locally, that I'd possibly make an exception, but that hasn't yet come up.)

Just my .02 =)

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