JACK DYER high quality animals, good guy

Author Subject: JACK DYER high quality animals, good guy
Steven Brockschmidt Posted At 22:49:40 07/13/2001
I had a long conversation with Jack (good guy to talk to) and wanted to thank him for the snakes. They obviously were well taken care of and were high quality adults. Even though Jordan Russell worked out all the little details of this deal for him, I know Jack put a lot of time into the snakes I recieved. The Albino is a 10+ for sure Jack, Thank You. I would not hesitate to buy anything he has for sale.

Brocks Boids
Sal Thomas Re: JACK DYER high quality animals, good guy
5823.html Posted At 01:51:16 07/15/2001

I wholeheartedly agree with the above post....Mr. Dyer is a true gentleman and a scholar when it comes to this hobby of ours...I have dealt with him pesonally and would recommend him highly to anyone else thinking of doing so....also,his son Todd is an excellent surce of information and a wonderful person to deal with as well..as I have dealt with both and find the acorn does not fall far from the tree at all....definetly 0.2 damn good guys!!!!

Sal Thomas

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