Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!

Author Subject: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
Michael Mastison Posted At 01:26:18 07/15/2001
This woman also goes under the e-mail address I sent this woman out a Kenyan Sand Boa without getting payment first. I know (SUCKER). I sent him to her in early June and still have not recieved payment, and the sick thing about it is that she is using her child that has ben in the hospital to hide behind. She seems to be without morals. Here are a few of her e-mails.
"Melonie, did you send that money out yet? You can either mail it to me or put it in my pay pal account?"
Her response;yes I sent it out today Thanks for your patients, Melonie- This is dated June 29

Im sorry my son has been in the hospital and I've been spending most of my time there. I will get your m/o out this week when I get some time to myself. Thanks and I hope we can do business again. Melonie--

have i paid you? I've been so busy with my son in the hospital that I've
lost track of what im supposed to be doing. Let me know and I'll pay you
Friday if I haven't already. Melonie

Im so sorry but you must know that with a very sick child nothing else
matters. I've just been a mess and haven't even taken care of household
items. My other son did my newsletter and stuff for me cause I've been a
basket case. I will overnight a m/o to you friday I promise if not
before.....Im going to town this week to take care of some business and I
will include you in my errands. Im so sorry please forgive me, Melonie PS
He's doing better now if your interested.

This woman also sells rodents and small mammals. Needless to say, I would not recommend doing any sype of business at all with her. Thanks,MM
Sydney Alcorn Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
5826.html Posted At 02:13:29 07/15/2001

I have been to her so-called rodentry. It doesn't exist. I had a baby savannah that I traded her for a breeding colony of mice and a pair of rats. She has aquariums set up all over her floor full of rodents. There had to be 100 aquariums. All of them had just been treated for mites. Within a month all but 1 mouse had died, and within 3 months one of the rats had died. She had a red tail in a 75 gallon tank with nothing but newspaper in the bottom of it. She also has a greyhound that runs the house. And of course the natural instinct of the dog is to hunt and kill small animals, which she admitted to me does happen. She seemed like a nice lady, but I disagree with her practices.
Melonie Buchanan & Friends Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
5827.html Posted At 03:05:02 07/15/2001

I sent your money two days ago I couldn't afford overnight so I sent it regular mail. If you can't see my side of things then that's fine. Im not hiding behind my son Im standing by him. I can tell you have no children. You are a vidictive man. I've been very busy with the health of my child and have had no time for other things. Im sorry you had to be a vicious, mean person. I will let everyone know just how mean you are and how vindictive you are and that you hide behind God! God is looking down at your actions Im sure he is not pleased! As far as this other chic is concerned how did she treat my animals? It is clear with some question. She came here when we were just moving in and the rodentry was not done yet. I am a USDA licensed breeder and licensed with DNR. I don't need or deserve this negative feedback. Please stop harrassing me in public and lets keep this business like. I think we would both be better for it. Melonie
Russ Bates Raise the B*LL SH*T Flag Please
5828.html Posted At 06:28:51 07/15/2001

Sorry Melonie if you are truly having medical problem within your family however, this does not mean you stop paying your bills. I don't know all of the story between the buyer and the seller but the bottom line is you pay for your products when purchased. It's sound business ethics.
Wishing your child a speedy recovery.
Michael Mastison Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
5830.html Posted At 07:23:29 07/15/2001

Melonie, don't try to make me out to be the bad guy here. I'm just asking to be paid for the reptile that I SOLD to you. Now your telling me that God is coming for me. Why can't you just stand up and be you and not hide behind your ailing child or God. Which I think it will take an act of God in order for me to get my money. As soon as I do, I will post it here. Then people will know that they can do business with you as long as they don't mind waiting two months to get paid.MM
JERRY TRESSER Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
5833.html Posted At 08:36:40 07/15/2001

MICHAEL, why are you wasting your time with this kind of a person. If she had the money she would have paid you already,and its obvious that she does not. One gets the feeling that she thinks you are drop the issue, but my suggestion would be to sue her if possible. She already has lied to you about sending the monies, and who knows what else she has fabricated. Dont waste your time with these losers
terri Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
5841.html Posted At 11:15:34 07/15/2001

unless you e-mailed her to tell her you were posting, it didnt take her long(1 and a half hours) to find her name on her and reply.
Sydney Alcorn Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
5864.html Posted At 16:29:41 07/16/2001

In response to how I treated the animals I recieved, I had mice I bought from Hoosier Mouse Supply, and all of them were taken care of the same way, and they all lived. As for moving the rodentry, You told me I could come pick them up, but you would have to bring them in from the rodentry, and this was only 2 days before I came. I do not know about the USDA or DNR, but would they approve of someone having so many animals in the house, even if just moving? The new rodentry may not have been finished, but what happened to the original one?? She has been advertising her rodents for a long time, and they had to be kept somewhere?
Michael Mastison Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
6167.html Posted At 17:13:39 07/21/2001

I wanted to post that as of 10:00a.m. July 21, 2001. I recieved payment from Melonie Buchanan for her Kenyan sand boa. Thanks,MM
joey smith Re: Melonie Buchanan-ratkateersrodentry@hotmail-BAD!!!
6766.html Posted At 22:56:22 08/03/2001

"these losers"? i don't know why all of you waste you time with this loser micheal mastison. i almost had some business with him but he disappeared, after he told me he sent me a shipment, i never got it, he never e-mailed, now he makes bad posts about me when i was giving him some animals for free, all he had to do is send boxes and shipping money but he expected me to do everything out of my pocket. what a dumbass loser. he's a liar and a bad business-boy. i wish that girl would've ripped you off because you deserve it from all the people you've ripped off. micheal mastison.........damn, you make me sick...

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