Author Subject: PURE BREED BOIDS David Livingston (VERY BAD BAD)
Chuck Glut Posted At 22:12:08 07/17/2001
I answered a posting on Kingsnake.com for a fire engine red kenyans sand boa. I emailed the seller at pure breed boids he uses the name David Livingston. His picture was very poor so I discussed the snake over the phone and he assured me it was a high quality Flame Kenyan race Dodoma Valley with "NO" black speckling in the red. I have several now and know what thay look like. What he sent me was a regular small common kenyan and not a very good one at that with very reduced light orange and lots of dirty black speckling . He charged me 125.00 for a common Kenyan worth 25.00, that I don't even want. During shipping he had his phone # changed and is now unlisted and he also moved (or so he says). He finally got back to me about 5 days after I received the snake and said his policy is "no return on anything ever" even thou before I paid he told me satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. I have been ripped off. Don't make the same mistake with this @$$#ole.

Dennis Gulla Re: PURE BREED BOIDS David Livingston (VERY BAD BAD)
5979.html Posted At 10:40:09 07/18/2001

Sorry to here that you got ripprd off. All I can tell you (which you probably already know)is to contact kingsnake.com and make them aware that you got ripped off. They have a three strikes (complaints) and you are banned policy.
Angela Dean Re: PURE BREED BOIDS David Livingston (VERY BAD BAD)
6004.html Posted At 15:53:20 07/18/2001

Well at the request of several others I've decided to post my story here. I have been reluctant to post because it seems whenever someone buys a pos het and happens to get sold imports they get chewed out.

Early last month I bought the 50% pos het male Kahl piebald he had posted on Kingsnake.com. When he arrived his genetics papers weren't in the box and I ended up pulling two ticks off of him, the snake has a scar on his back and balls up like an import(I know some of the breeders that aren't held much will also do this). That upset me a bit because we all know what ticks most likely come off of.

I immediately emailed him about this and he assured me he had no clue where the ticks could've come from and that since he was moving he had forgot to enclose the paperwork with the snake. He told me he'd mail it out ASAP. I gave him almost two weeks before I emailed him again telling him I have not received the papers. It took him a few days to get back to me and he said he'll mail another one out. I finally received them about 4 days later.

I haven't said anything because he assured me over and over that he was the real thing and I figured I'd give him a chance. But since I've heard about other people that have been ripped off by him I'm not too thrilled. Anyhoo there's my story! So now I'm stuck with probably a $40 snake if that not knowing if I should even try to breed him this year or not.
Christine Harney Re: PURE BREED BOIDS David Livingston (VERY BAD BAD)
6175.html Posted At 21:06:18 07/21/2001

My experience with Dave Livingston of Pure Bred Boids was bad, too. I purchased a male Surinam Emerald Tree Boa from him off of HerpAuction. This happened about 6 months ago and I do have to say that the snake appears to be okay, but with all the hassle I went through with Dave, I actually tried to give the snake away when I first got him because I didn't want to infect my other snakes with anything and I had no faith in the guy by that time. I've bought a lot of reptiles that have had to be shipped to me from all over the country, and I have never before heard so many excuses for not shipping when promised. Then we'd get into these long, ridiculous e-mail arguments (at that time, he wasn't even giving out his phone number) about who said what.

I don't really know what his idea of a satisfactory transaction is, but I'd never purchase anything from him again unless I could hand him the money with one hand and receive the reptile with the other.

Patrick Hughett - North Texas Reptiles Re: PURE BREED BOIDS David Livingston (VERY BAD BAD)
6235.html Posted At 22:24:24 07/23/2001

Hello all...

Not to break the trend here, but I guess I'm the only person who has had a great experience with Dave! I bought a nice, silver retic from him close to the end of last year, and it turned out to be my pride and joy! She came in on time...packed nice...free of problems! I just recently sold/traded this snake to get some other stuff, and I'm really going to miss her! He may or may not be a horrible guy, but everyone makes mistakes and has problems. I just happened to have a great experience with him.

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