HerpFood.com & WormMan.com (Inquiry)

Author Subject: HerpFood.com & WormMan.com (Inquiry)
Kara Peterson Posted At 09:40:34 07/18/2001
Has anyone used them for cricket orders? Are their crickets healty, alive and shipped promptly? Thanks -- Kara
jeff pfeifer Re: HerpFood.com & WormMan.com (Inquiry)
5994.html Posted At 13:18:36 07/18/2001

I have used both. They both have good, healthy crickets. Herpfood.com is quicker getting orders out. WormMan's on-line ordering occasionally has lost my orders. If you go with WormMan use the phone. They never screw up a phone order and they seem to get out faster.

Steven Lewis Re: HerpFood.com & WormMan.com (Inquiry)
6013.html Posted At 18:37:03 07/18/2001

Give Reptilefood.com a try. I have been using them since wormman takes to long to get them. You can get your crix the next day service for about the same as wormman charges for his
Jude fitch {MiLadyDragonn} Re: HerpFood.com & WormMan.com (Inquiry)
6025.html Posted At 22:13:17 07/18/2001

~I have tried just about every live insect distributor I could find and I keep going back to WormMan. I have been very pleased with the prices, the quality and the customer service I have received.
~I'm not saying there have not been mess-ups. Any business that works in that volume is going to have them. While the mixups or errors have been few, they have always been attentive and cooperative in rectifying any errors on their part. The communication has been pleasant and friendly, on the phone and online. (But I do agree, to be absolutely sure they get your info, use the phone!)
~Now they have an Airborne Express option that makes it easy to get feeders fast. For the quality and cleanliness of their product, the prices are very reasonable, even the Airborne.
~Feel free to tell them I gave you the thumbs-up on them...they know me well and will be glad to hear from you.
Kara Peterson Re: HerpFood.com & WormMan.com (Inquiry)
6051.html Posted At 08:27:14 07/19/2001

Thanks for the input everyone :)
John Chan Do a search for Wormman.... I think you will find your answer. n/p!!
6324.html Posted At 23:51:31 07/25/2001


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