INQUIRY on Rick Smith

Author Subject: INQUIRY on Rick Smith
Shannon Bennett Posted At 00:59:02 07/20/2001
I'm thinking about purchasing 4 hypo-tang leopard geckos from Rich Smith (from CA). I see he posts quite a lot on and was wondering if anyone has dealt with him before. It seems he sells a lot of geckos. Thanks!

Laura VanAlyne Re: INQUIRY on Rick Smith
6139.html Posted At 00:10:53 07/21/2001

Feel comfortable with Rick! I would go to him again because he is an honest herper. I sent money for a male tangerine albino. Before he sent it off he emailed me informing that the he turned out to be a she. Well, I really needed a male and he didn't have any available for me, so he returned my check plus wrote me out a check for the extra money I had sent for deposit! My experience with him has been very good. :o)
I hope this helps you decide!

*Thanks Rick!*
Laura VanAlyne

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