Rich of the GREAT guys!!!

Author Subject: Rich of the GREAT guys!!!
Sal Thomas Posted At 13:06:55 07/24/2001
I have had the pleasure if being an acquaintence of Rich's....but this weekend I became a customer!....the animal, information and service were as top notch as you would expect....I would wholeheartedly recommend doing business with Mr. Ihle and direct you to his site to see just what kind of beautiful animals this man produces and sells....and I look forward to adding another one to my collection this October!!!...once again, Rich of the GREAT guys!!!

Sal Thomas
Jeff Edington Re: Rich of the GREAT guys!!!
6271.html Posted At 21:51:55 07/24/2001

Hi All: Wanted to add to this post, I also have done business with Rich Ihle and could not have ask to have been treated any better. He produced a great snake and made the whole transaction go super smooth. Thanks Rich for all the great work you have done in the Boa Industry. Keep up the good work.

Always in Christ

Bro. Jeff Edington
Bryan Self Re: Rich of the GREAT guys!!!
6509.html Posted At 14:29:16 07/29/2001

That is such an understatement. I have bought 5 snakes from Rich
in the last year all are great and the service was even better.

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