Hypotangerinedreams.com ( Excellant Service )

Author Subject: Hypotangerinedreams.com ( Excellant Service )
Michael Almeida Posted At 22:01:32 07/31/2001
Recently purchased several animals from Brett Mazimann ... Hypotangerinedreams.com

All animals are extremely healthy and have awesome coloring.
Animals look alot better in person.( get a new camera Brett!!)

When selecting a breeder, I highly suggest you challenge the breeder on matters such as animal husbandry and business ethics to see where they stand.

The reason for doing this is simple:

When you bring someone/thing new into your home you bring all that comes with it, good and bad.

If any1 needs to contact me for pics or question please feel free to e-mail or call @ 201.998.4696

Anne Keating Re: Hypotangerinedreams.com ( Excellant Service )
6661.html Posted At 16:38:33 08/01/2001

I absolutely concur that Brett Mazimann is an excellent breeder, both in terms of the quality of his animals and in terms of genuinely caring about his animals. I recently got a beautiful male from Brett. This guy is a great addition to my collection and was healthy both physically and emotionally. This gecko is easy-going and clearly had a wonderful start on life. I've had several e-mails from Brett since I got this male from him and really appreciate his following up to check on this guy and to ask if there was any informatin I needed. Both in terms of gorgeous geckos and quality care, I couldn't recommend Brett's geckos more.

Anne B. Keating, Ph.D.
a.k.a. "keats" on the Kingsnake Leopard Gecko Forum
Steve Emerick (Napa Valley Snake Abatement Service) Re: Hypotangerinedreams.com ( Excellant Service )
6674.html Posted At 20:18:44 08/01/2001

List me as another of Brett's satisfied customers. His animals are gorgeous and healthy to boot. He's built his colonies using the finest stock from some of the top names in the gecko business. Brett's also very easy to deal with and knowledgable about all aspects of reptile care and rearing. He'll go out of his way to make sure you get just the animal you're looking for. Brett is someone I'll continue to deal with and also keep in touch with as a friend in the business.. Again, you can't go wrong purchasing an animal from Brett at hypotangerinedreams.com

Steve Emerick
Napa Valley Snake Abatement Service

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