Mike Beberman (MotherGecko @aol.com) Good Guy!

Author Subject: Mike Beberman (MotherGecko @aol.com) Good Guy!
Michael Mastison Posted At 11:09:59 08/02/2001
Mike and I recently worked out a trade, and I was very please with his animals and his attitude. Very honest guy, I look forward to doing business with him in the future.MM
K. Benson Re: Mike Beberman (MotherGecko @aol.com) Good Guy!
6707.html Posted At 12:28:47 08/02/2001

We did a trade a few months ago that went very good. The snakes are doing great. He called to make sure that all were doing well. He was a good guy
Jude Fitch {MiLadyDragonn} Re: Mike Beberman (MotherGecko @aol.com) Good Guy!
6719.html Posted At 17:41:08 08/02/2001

~Ditto!! I have not only had good business transactions with Mike, but have also found a good friend. We chat frequently and keep up on each others critters.
~Good hearted guy, too!

Michael Tashman Re: Mike Beberman (MotherGecko @aol.com) Good Guy!
6739.html Posted At 10:54:15 08/03/2001

Yes, Mikes a good guy!

got a beautiful wild caught cornsnake from them.
sent me a pic first, packed right, arrived healthy,
and even asks hows the snake is doing since i got it.

i like that kind of business attitude !

Mike T

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