Boaphile cages by Jeff Ronne(Inquiry)

Author Subject: Boaphile cages by Jeff Ronne(Inquiry)
matt erlwein Posted At 13:52:14 08/02/2001
Does anybody have anything to say about this new line of cages,good or bad ? Thanks,Matt.
April Yohn - Absolute Constrictor Re: Boaphile cages by Jeff Ronne(Inquiry)
6717.html Posted At 16:01:02 08/02/2001

There's a review of them at the link below...
(not my review)'s review of Boaphile Plastic Cages

Mark Kennedy Re: Boaphile cages by Jeff Ronne(Inquiry)
6762.html Posted At 21:56:42 08/03/2001

I use a few of his sweater box racks. They are lightweight, heated from the back, sturdy and the containers fit perfect.
Gerald Detwiler Re: Boaphile cages by Jeff Ronne(Inquiry)
6768.html Posted At 23:37:18 08/03/2001

After long consideration and actually testing four different types of cages available on the market today. Here at Canopy Creations we have decided to opt for Jeffs system. We have found them to be very easy to maintain, very durable and made with alot more consideration for detail and craftmanship than the others we tried. The heating configuration is second to none and the fact that a Breeder/Master Cabinet Maker and Designer really stands out with top notch quality. Do yourself a favor and purchase 2 floor bases and 4 cages, believe me you will soon have Jeff designing your whole room. They are awesome and very afordable. Gerald Detwiler/ Canopy Creations

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