Petacular Exotics - Richard Spekner - Good Guy

Author Subject: Petacular Exotics - Richard Spekner - Good Guy
Steve Emerick NVSAS Posted At 23:23:46 08/06/2001
Adding another name to my reputable dealer list.. For those in the Bay Area, there's a rather new Reptile shop up in Antioch called Petacular Exotics.. It's run by Richard Spekner and has quite a variety of quality reptiles.. I've done several trades as well as purchases from Richard and have found him to be knowledgable and honest in the way he conducts his business.. If you're into Geckos, he's got about every type imaginable that he breeds... So stay away from those petshops (won't mention names like my local Petco) that have reptiles as a sideshow and head to a place like Petacular Exotics where the shop and staff are actually trained to deal with the critters they sell..

Stephen Emerick
Napa Valley Snake Abatement Service

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