Author Subject: BOA'S ARK (Nick Gancarz) - AMAZING! READ THIS!
Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit Posted At 22:42:10 08/07/2001
I saw their ad on KS the other day for Gravid Female (duh) Panther Chameleons....I needed a Female, so I figured I'd get one of his because the price was right and she was supposed to be gravid?? Well, I get the Chameleon in this morning (packaged PERFECTLY, I might add!)...she was in a large deli cup with folded up paper towelling on the bottom with shredded paper throughout (I think that's what it was). Well, in any case, I opened the deli cup to take her out, and I first noticed how PINK she was (just gorgeous!), but then, I also noticed she was rather thin! Now, obviously, I thought she was supposed to be gravid? Well, much to my surprise! I looked in the deli cup and saw 18 FERTILE EGGS laying on the bottom!! What a find!! I put her in with the adult Male I have (in a 90 gallon tank, mind you), I put her next to the "Arboreal Lagoon" I have set up for their water....she had a nice leisurely drink and then proceeded to "nab" two crickets, one right after the other! Needless to say...I was very pleased! I've got to say...You DEFINITELY get your money's worth when you deal with Boa's Ark!
Thanks, Nick

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