PayPal payments from unverified accounts - Inquiry

Author Subject: PayPal payments from unverified accounts - Inquiry
Mike Greathouse Posted At 18:26:54 08/08/2001
Just tossing out a question to those of you who sell animals and accept PayPal as a method of payment. What is the standard practice for most of you regarding verified accounts? I have always accepted all Paypal payments, but a situation has arose that has me questioning my PayPal preferences. A customer payed me via Paypal with an un-verified account. I accepted the payment and shipped the animals. I then transferred the money to my bank account. The day after I made the transfer, PayPal notified me that this transaction was possibly fraudulent. They placed a pending reversal on my PayPal account for that amount.
After nine days of requesting information from PayPal, they finally responded to me and completed the reversal. Leaving my payPal account with a negative balance. Since I had accepted a payment from an un-verified account, they are taking no responsibility. As it sits, I am out the money. I will add that I was contacted by the customer througout this ordeal and they have stated that there was some confusion regarding their account and that they will send a money order to me soon. My question is - do most of you accept payments from un-verified accounts - or do you decline them? I'm just trying to get a feel for what is the norm. Thanks for your input.
Mike Greathouse @
Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit - Tampa Re: PayPal payments from unverified accounts - Inquiry
7014.html Posted At 19:03:48 08/08/2001

Mike....I do a lot of selling (and buying) through PayPal! If a customer of mine is unverified, I tell that customer to please send an e-check to PayPal instead....OR, If he's already sent in his money, I make sure I speak to him PERSONALLY on the phone before I accept his dough! Just to see what kind of person I'm dealing with! I realize that you want to get the animal out as quickly as possible, but, there are times when you just have to slow down and think a little! There are too many swindlers out there, and one of my favorite phrases is..."I HATE HINDSIGHT!" Try to figure out what COULD go wrong, and try to alleviate it BEFORE it occurs! The old axiom goes for us, too..."Let the SELLER beware!!" Neil
April Yohn- Absolute Constrictor Re: PayPal payments from unverified accounts - Inquiry
7040.html Posted At 10:14:55 08/09/2001

I have been using PayPal for about a year now... when the time
comes that I'm selling and accepting payments, I had just
planned that if I get a payment from an un-verified account,
to transfer it into my account and make sure the payment
goes thru before I ship the animals out. (which will be
stated to the customer of course)... I look at those as being
the same as personal checks, always make sure it clears before
you send shipment. :) Just throwing out my $.02 like always.
Steve Emerick-Napa Valley Snake Abatement Re: PayPal payments from unverified accounts - Inquiry
7042.html Posted At 12:03:55 08/09/2001

My practice has been to hold off on shipping until the money does clear. I communicate this with my customers (should they send an unverified) and they usually either state they understand or that they'll overnight a money order instead. Just kind of a safe way to ensure you're not sending out animals to someone with less than noble intentions..

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WebSlave Re: PayPal payments from unverified accounts - Inquiry
7044.html Posted At 14:29:11 08/09/2001

Please post these sorts of threads in the General Discussion forum from here on out. I just put in a link at the top of the page to make it easier to get there.

I would like to keep this site focused on the original intent of being ONLY about people and businesses in the herp industry. Any of the more general topics of discussion are just using up valuable bandwidth here.


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