Author Subject: George Ullman-TURTLE WORLD (GOOD GUY)
Julie Ann Posted At 05:44:14 08/13/2001
George Ullman is a very nice person to deal with. He provided a telephone number on his website and pictures of the babies, (also on Kingsnake) which I called and asked him about a baby Redfoot tortoise. He answered all of my questions, and added some of his own helpful information, and also reminded me that I can also email him anytime, which I did, and he always answers promtly and friendly. He shipped the Redfoot to me very quickly, taking way less than 24 hours to get here, packed very professionally. When the Redfoot arrived, believe me, no one has ever seen anything so cute, healthy, and alert as that little tortoise!! I gave him a soak, he went to the bathroom, and I put him in his enclosure, where he ate immediately without a care!! Wonderful growth lines, great moist skin too! So, if you are looking to buy a turtle or tortoise, I have had a very pleasant experience, and Im sure you will too!

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