LI Reptiles/John Heiser: GOOD GUY! =)

Author Subject: LI Reptiles/John Heiser: GOOD GUY! =)
Tig Posted At 20:09:23 08/15/2001
I got 1.5 het tremper albino leopard geckos this morning from John Heiser of LI reptiles, and am extremely happy! I had seen his ad on and posted here asking about LI Reptiles, and no one responded. Mr. Heiser saw it and sent me a very nice personal email, offering references and letting me know a little bit about his business. We exchanged emails, and he was extremely helpful. A heatwave hit KS (where I live) at the time when I sent payment, and he was very nice about holding them until temps dropped back down to where we were both comfortable with shipping. The geckos are healthy and well started, and wow! Gorgeous! =) I can definitely recommend! =)


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