The real story!!!

Author Subject: The real story!!!
Mitch Brynes/Diamond Reptile Breeders Posted At 01:52:01 08/24/2001
Diamond Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy)
Author Subject: Diamond Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy)
Doug Holl Posted At 08:05:03 02/07/2001
First let me state that I'm sure someone has had a good dealing with Diamond, it just hasn't been me. I will present info then you decide if Diamond is a bad guy.

My wife knew I wanted cb white lippeds and that I had contacted Diamond about a pair he had. She took it upon herself to buy some from him on Dec 16 with the stipulation that they be on the doorstep by xmas (shes a non-herp person she doesnt understand door to door or winter shipping). Diamond told her that this was no problem and the deal was clinched. Needless to say the snakes weren't here because it was too cold to ship. I recvd photos of the snakes at xmas and told Diamond to keep themn until the weather warmed up. Several weeks later he said that he was going to ship them, then he said it again the next week, and the next week. This did not bother me and I did not pressure DRB in any was more important to get the snakes here alive. Then last Monday the proprietor left a message on my answering machine that he had shipped the snakes and that they would arrive the following day. I never contacted DRB, I could have been out of town for all he knew. I could not stay home that day so I left a message for the carrier to leave the package, the temp would be in the high prob for a white lipped. When I arrived home at 2:30-3:00, the box was there so I put it in my snake room and settled down for about 20-30 minutes. I then opened the box to find one of the snakes dead, the other one near death. It died a day or so later. Additionally the 2 of the 40 hr heat packs were no longer emitting heat and the other one was only vaguely warm. I contacted DRB upon opening the box at which time he made several accusatory statements and generally had a bad business ethic. He tried to blame me in every way possible for the snakes death and would not accept any liability, especially the fact that he prob shouldn't have shipped in the first place. Finally later he agreed to give me 1/2 of my money back (160 bucks) but later after I had sent digital pics that he requested said he would only refund 80 bucks. He continually trips over his tongue in talking about the snakes cost and won't admit that he never should have shipped in the first place. Additionally he stated that he had tape recorded our conversations as proof of my statements...I can't say enough about how bad this deal had become. Admittedly DRB is one of those companies with a dozen "we aren't liable ifs" but this situation may have never occurred if DRB had not sent the snakes in the first place. Sorry for being so long winded but people have to know about this incident. Like I said in the beginning I'm sure some people have had decent dealings with DRB, I'm just not one of them and if I can save somenone else/some snakes from the smae fate then so be it!!!Do business with DRB using caution. I have had many positive dealings with companies listed here, and others, so I'll try not to get jaded. Email me if you have further questions.
Doug Holl Re: Diamond Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 08:06:26 02/07/2001
Should be Diamond Reptile Breeders....its early here and I haven't had my coffee.
mitch Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:42:47 02/09/2001

This was your own stupidity in allowing shipment of the snakes!
Doug Holl Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:48:12 02/10/2001
I never allowed/authorized the shipment of the snakes Mitch. You had agreed to keep them until the cold weather subsided and then you shipped them without even knowing if I was able to accept them. Hmmmmm why????
PBM Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:31:00 02/11/2001

Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:42:47 02/09/2001


This was your own stupidity in allowing shipment of the snakes!

Who is the "professional" here? You run the business and should know about shipping more than he. You sent the snake out he didn't. You never rebutted the point that you called and left a message, so again, who SENT? You did. Give him back his money or another pair. Make it right somehow. You went into this business knowing the pros and cons. This is a cons, and it is upon you to make it right SOMEHOW. I will never buy from your business now because of your reply to his post. Again, lets point this out. He stated you left a message you were sending them, and you never deny this, you just say he had them shipped. I am sure after weeks already he seems that he would have waited until shipping time was proper. And you running a business stand a much better argument of shipping late for health reasons. If this would have been his complaint people could have defended your point of weather, but it isn't the case. Do what is right, and swallow some pride. Just my thoughts, and they stem from you blaming a customer on shipping. Who is in the ultimate control of shipping?? YOU!!!
Brian Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy)
Posted At 02:14:21 03/22/2001
I too have a story about diamond reptile breeders, I purchased a white lip also, I was very excited about it's arrival, it was during the summer and I am in virginia so I was not worried about the weather, imagine my dismay when I picked up the box at the airport and I had an emaciated mite infested python, I took it home and treated it the best I could, but it only lasted until later that evening. Now, I will not be too negative about diamond, when I called to tell them that it had arrived mite ridden and then died later, I was informed that they would never send out a snake with mites and since I did not call them immediatly, I was responsible for its death.
Mitch (Bad Guy) I think NOT
8114.html Posted At 23:18:37 08/23/2001
OK lets tell the other side now! We all know what really happened, Your wife did call and buy the snakes in hopes of getting them for X-mass. I told her that as long as the weather was good I would ship them. Well it was cold for a long time sorry to say, it did not let up for weeks. I told them as soon as the temps where right I would ship them out.
They knew my terms of sale that there are no guarantees with door to door shipping. The carrier does not cover live animals. I told you that the safety of the snakes was more important than a deadline and you agreed. You would email me from time to time and ask if I knew when I would send them out. I would Email back “when temps go above 50 at night in Cincinnati OH”, that's where the main hub is for the shipper is located, I have been shipping animals for over 14 years and know how and when to ship! So in the mean time i cared for these beautiful d'alberts pythons they grew aprox 2" in the weeks I had them and I grew quit fond of them. I would have NEVER shipped them if conditions where not right. What would be the use? I had already had them for weeks. What’s one more. Anyway Finally we get a day where conditions are great. I had emailed Doug the Friday before stating that it looked good for a Monday shipping for Tuesday arrival I will call you to confirm then. Well Monday came and I shipped the packages out. That’s right I said packages. I sent 8 out that day most are people who had been waiting for a good shipping day. Doug is the only one who seemed to have a problem with the shipping being a DOA. Some of the other packages went to cooler climates and still made it safe. what’s even more interesting is there where red eye tree frogs in some of the shipments and they arrived alive so if shipping was bad way are they alive? Well I called Doug when the package went out left a massage and the tracking #.
I will let you read the rest of the report, which I had to write up for the CC Company.

To whom it may concern. The following is the terms of sale located at the web site
As well as my telling the customer verbally over the phone at the time of ordering that there was no live
Arrival guarantee with door to door services.
It was due to negligence that animals where damaged. Customer called me at 3:45 pm his time stating that the package had just been opened and said animals where damaged. I asked when they arrived he said he did not know it was not written on the package, it was just left on the porch. He had just gotten home and opened the package and one was DOA and one was not right.
I asked if the heat packs where working he said no, the package was ice cold. At that time I told him I would call to check at what time they arrived.
Airborne express confirmed that delivery was at 11:38am his time and signed for. You can call and confirm this
At 1-800-247-2676 airbill # 5561574620.
I called back and told him that the package was signed for at 11:38am. He then changed his story that He had
Got the package at 2:30 but had an errand to run and had put the package in a room where he keeps he’s other animals. I asked him what the room temp was he said it was 84-88’f. I asked him If he had opened the box before leaving them in the room he said no. I then stated that If the Box was in the room for an hour there is no way it would be cold if anything it would over heat. Giving the package has heat packs in it
The inside box temperature would have attained 100+ degrees. Causing the death of the snakes.
They where packed for 30-65’f temp not 84-88.The heat packs are 40 hour heat producing.
I then stated that it was odd for him to wait to open the box when he had been waiting a month for the animals. He did not say anything.
Still the story does not make sense due to it was signed for. My guess as to what happened is who ever signed for the package asked him what they should do with it when it got there. He told them to put it in his snake room he would open it when he got home (4 hours later) The box then over heated….
If you have further questions please feel free to call.


YOU MUST CALL TO ORDER! All orders are sent pre-paid cash, Credit Card, money order, OR cashiers check made payable to Diamond Reptile Breeders . All specimens are sent air-cargo, express mail or Airborne Express. Please note *LIMITED LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE ON AIR-CARGO ( AIRPORT TO AIRPORT ) ONLY!
There is NO GUARANTEE with door to door service. All shipments must be picked up within four (4) hours of arrival for guarantee. Please examine your specimens at
time of arrival to make any claims with the carrier and also contact us if there are any discrepancies. Prices are subject to change. If there is something you are looking
for but do not see it on the list please give us a call, chances are we can find it for you. We are also interested in C.B. or legally collected herps for purchase or trade.

*Live arrival is not guaranteed to areas below 40 degrees F. Or above 90 degrees
Also, no guarantee for live arrival of amphibians.
Our stock changes weekly, so please call !!!
State of Florida residents must have a current venomous license to purchase venomous reptiles.
Note: All recipients of Appendix I Reptiles must have Federal CB Wildlife permit
Florida residents please add applicable sales tax.
Minimum order 35.00.
5.00 box charge on all orders under 1000.00
25.00 box charge on all venomous shipments.

I would like to add that if he said he did not get them till 2:30 - 3:00 why where they signed for at 11:38am where are the missing hours. His story does not add up. I also mourned the loss of the snakes that I had been caring for They where beautiful animals that where caught in the middle.
Doug also said that if I did not give his money back or more snakes he would ruin my name. As for some of the other statements I never sold a White liped to anyone named Brian in Virginia!
I would like anyone who questions whether my business practices are faulty to ask on a forum and see what people say
Thank you

Mitch Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy)
8115.html Posted At 23:30:52 08/23/2001
Also doug who did you have write the rebuttal "This was your own stupidity in allowing shipment of the snakes! " That was not me....? why would you even try something like that!?!
Alex Re: Diamon Reptile Breeders (Bad Guy)
8121.html Posted At 01:28:24 08/24/2001
I too have had the experience of ordering an animal from Diamond Reptiles and having it die.Before you get too excited and say "See,I told you the guy's no good",let me tell you the story.I'd ordered a pair of "high yellow" Rhino vipers.While waiting for suitable shipping weather,one of them died.Rather than calling to tell me that he'd only be able to send me the one snake, and refunding my money for the other,he went out of his way to find me another snake that was actually a far better animal and it cost him more than the original,but that cost was not passed on to me.How many dealers are willing to do that on their own initiative? Over the past year and a half I have ordered 25 animals from Diamond,the cost adding up to a few thousand dollars and have received truly awesome animals.Some have grown at an almost alarming rate.All fecal samples have been negative for parasites,and no mites have ever been found.As for Brian's story about mite infested imaciated animals,You evidentally have Diamond confused with another breeder.I took a trip to Florida earlier this year and stopped by Diamond.You could not have asked for cleaner conditions or better looking animals,hardly the sort of place that would harbor sickly mite infested animals.Doug,you need to accept the fact that you were irresponsible in dealing with your order.Face it,you had an engagement that you'd forgotten on the delivery date and didn't inform the recipient how to properly deal with the order when it came in.You're responsible,not Diamond.Next you'll be saying that he paid Airborne to falsify the receipt.As far as business ethics go,you couldn't ask for better,Mitch is always willing to accomodate shipping schedules,and is always willing to give answers and advice about the animals.It's really sad that you had to have people make up stories(Brian,PBM.)Maybe you should take a crash course in ethics yourself.

Danny Re: The real story!!!
8169.html Posted At 14:40:27 08/24/2001

The bottom line is if you didn't confirm shipping out to your customer via DIRECT communication you shouldn't have sent the animals. What if he was away and there was no one to recieve the package? Also, I don't see how a package could overheat in it's final 4 hours of transport?

Danny Mendez
Pierre Whitney Dealings with Diamond
8178.html Posted At 18:34:43 08/24/2001

If I were reading these threads before I purchased my animals from Diamond I would not do business. It is a shame that the carelessness of some consumers can ruin a reputable breeder.

I have purchased from Diamond, and have had shipped to the most northern point in Massachusetts. I may have had to wait a few extra weeks until the weather warmed up, but my animals arrived in wonderful condition.

Before shipping Mitchell left three messages on my machine detailing shipping arrangements. I called back to confirm I received the messages, for I was at another location.

I will gladly do business with Diamond Reptile Breeders and recommend him to anyone looking for that special exotic pet.


Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit - Tampa, FL Re: The real story!!!
8184.html Posted At 20:14:13 08/24/2001

Sorry guys...but IN THIS CASE, I have to go with DRB.....EVEN IF they didn't adequately inform you of their shipping WAS SIGNED FOR at 11:38AM and NOT opened until 3:00PM!!! When a shipping box is professionally packed for protection against the COLD, you just CAN'T leave it closed for 4 HOURS!! DRB is absolutely correct about the temps being over 100 degrees! And let's not forget that they were also in an 85 degree room! I really can't believe that you would put an "errand" over the welfare of the animals you were waiting over a month to get?? It really astounds me! I would have been ALL OVER that box AS SOON as I saw it! BUT EVEN SO.....DRB, I've never done business with you, but your reputation DOES preceed you (in a VERY GOOD way!)! You guys should really do the right thing by, at least, giving him HALF his money back! I mean, honestly, NEITHER ONE OF YOU can say FOR SURE why the snake died? There are a cornucopia of things that could've gone wrong! I just think it would be a good way of keeping a customer (who's ALWAYS right) partially happy, and you retaining your GOOD GUY status!! I think that's worth A LOT MORE that just a little pride? Don't you?? Just my thoughts...Neil
Doug Holl Re: The real story!!!
8822.html Posted At 19:46:19 09/07/2001

Well you guys..the "real story" is the one I gave. I never signed for the animals at 11 whatever....I was forced to leave a note asking for the animals to be left because Mitch gave me no other option..he mailed them before confirming shipment with me..he merely left a message on my answering machine notifying that they had been sent...better they have a chance at my door than be dead in the warehouse!......I think Mitch is just upset because Discover, after an investigation, sent me back half of my money, which Mitch initially said he'd give me anyways and recanted, and he just realized it. I appreciate the fact that many have had good dealings with Mitch..I have not....and no Mitch I never falsified any posts here. One of the animals you sent me was DOA, the other was dead within a never told my wife of any conditionals. I should think the rest of you breeders/suppliers would want the whole story and not just DRBs. I have bought many snakes that were shipped and none have died on me....Mitch and I could have come to some kind of an agreement...but he was too willing to blame it on me and unwilling to take blame for the cruddy shipping manner, including too few heat packs...too big of a box, not enough packing material etc. I'll say no more about with caution when buying from him....and for anyone who wishes to pass judgement on me without knowing the whole story...God Bless!

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