Ken Hilton

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Arnie Thompson Posted At 07:47:46 08/25/2001
Got a pr. of fox snakes from him and am very pleased.
John Apple Re: Ken Hilton
8206.html Posted At 10:57:26 08/25/2001

I did a trade with Ken and though I think we both had a few problems
He was 100% professional and I would not hesitate to deal with Ken again
Thanx again Ken
John Staursky Re: Ken Hilton
8207.html Posted At 11:22:41 08/25/2001

Ken was one of the first "snake people" I met up with as soon as I moved here to Texas and we have done numerous trades and sales deals with eachother since March of this year.
Great guy to deal with, very honest about his animals and very fair in dealing with, he's not gonna try and pull a fast one on you like some guys will.
A+ rating :)
John Staursky
Anthony Chodan Re: Ken Hilton
8231.html Posted At 22:14:27 08/25/2001

Ken's a great guy. I traded with him and was very pleased with his animals. I take great pride in my snakes, knowing I only sell the quality of animal what I would want sold to me. I was a little afraid to ship first, but he kept his word and shipped his snakes to me. They were good quality, pretty cramped in the box, but no harm done. Worst thing about dealing with Ken is his southern accent! (j/k Ken!)

A.C. (The Yank)

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