Any Possible recourse?

Author Subject: Any Possible recourse?
Kat Hall Posted At 19:36:38 08/26/2001
I have a friend (no, neither of these people in this story are me), we'll call my friend 'Person A'. Person A has an (ex)friend who we'll call 'Person B'. Person A and Person B intended to live together and breed cornsnakes, so Person B bought alot of cornsnakes, and Person A bought a few. I also gave Person A one as a gift. Person A also bought some rats to produce food for the cornsnakes. Person A also has far more experience with cornsnakes than Person B.

Person B eventually kicked Person A out of the house (which belonged to Person B). Now, Person B refuses to give Person A the snakes Person A owns and refuses to give Person A the rats Person A owns. The justification Person B provides for keeping these animals is that Person B bought the ratfood and therefore should keep the rats and snakes belonging to Person A as compensation. Person A can't do anything about it, since Person A has very little money and the rats and snakes are at Person B's house.

My question to you guys is, is there anything Person A can do about getting the snakes and rats Person A owns and paid for back from Person B, or is Person A pretty much screwed? If I can get Person A's permission, I'll post who Person B is, otherwise they'll stay A and B.
Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit - Tampa, FL Re: Any Possible recourse?
8267.html Posted At 20:17:35 08/26/2001

Have you given any thought to a "Covert Undercover Night Operation to rescue the hostages??" I think Rambo's free?? lol

I think Person A is at the mercy of Person B! Obviously, we're dealing with a very stubborn person in Person B...OR, there's A LOT MORE to it than the third-party view!! Instead of coming on strong! Why don't you ALL try sitting down and TALKING LIKE ADULTS!! You'd be surprised how well that works?? Enjoy! Neil
Jason Sweigart Re: Any Possible recourse?
8270.html Posted At 21:08:26 08/26/2001

I would try what he said and if that dont work as long as person A got witnesses or can get receipts hail person B into small claims court, I dont know where your from but where I live it costs $50 in court fees upfront that if you win the other person must pay and the court gives back to you, if you loss your out but if ya got witnesses or receipts it may be worth a shoot, Jason
Tina Thomas Re: Any Possible recourse?
8273.html Posted At 22:30:07 08/26/2001

I suggest that person A go to the sheriffs and explain to them that they are trying to retrieve their belongings from person B and that person B is being difficult and that they feel that it will go better if they have an escourt to person Bs house. Person A has a right to their stuff, if that house was considered person A's residence for any length of time.And the sheriff will accompany person A to person Bs house and allow Person A to retrieve their property. You say that you gave person A a snake as a gift. then you can be as a wittness that the snake is Person A's. Perhaps you should contact person B and explain that, that particular snake was a gift to Person A from you, and that you want it returned. But I would suggest that Person A contact the sheriff and ask for an escourt to Person Bs house to retrieve their stuff. Im not sure what the law is where you are at, but I do know here, that is the law I have had to do that myself.
Even in cases of a debt being owed, no one can hold someones property as a replacement for debt w/out a legal contract signed stating that the property could be seized in case of non payment . and the best I can tell this is not a "debt owed " situation anyways. Person A has no debt owed Person B has no legal right to these animals. This might even be considered theft of property. Good Luck Tina
james parks Re: Any Possible recourse?
8360.html Posted At 09:21:39 08/29/2001

right on tina lol tina has a very good point i think its worth a shot

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