Don Soderberg - SMR (good)

Author Subject: Don Soderberg - SMR (good)
Kat Hall Posted At 14:46:50 08/29/2001
I just finished a transaction with Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles and am satisfied with the result. There was a mistake with my order (he shipped the wrong gender on one of the cornsnakes), but he was very apologetic and we worked out a solution (he gave me 1/2 price on a lavender to make up for it). He's an honest guy and his snakes are very healthy. I'd definately recommend him to others. Thumbs up to Don.
Russell Bates Good......thats an understatement
8373.html Posted At 15:35:41 08/29/2001

He's the best and his 7 month guarantee is the proof!
Tom Hill-T.C. Serpents Re: Don Soderberg - SMR (good)
8375.html Posted At 15:38:20 08/29/2001

I have never dealt with don before, but I've heard nothing, but good things about him and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him.
Billy Fraser Re: Don Soderberg - SMR (good)
8406.html Posted At 02:49:20 08/30/2001

Don rules, case closed! I have known him for at least 5 years and he is a true professional! All my snakes from him are top quality! HE RULES!!!!!!!!!

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