Inquiry: Craig Wyatt

Author Subject: Inquiry: Craig Wyatt
Mike Combs Posted At 19:10:46 09/06/2001
Has some stuff for sale, looking for some info on this cat. I did notice in his add he statse he is selling animal due to bills being due etc etc. This puts a bad taste in my mouth to begin with. But ill hold judgement till i hear some feedback.
Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit - Tampa Bay, FL Re: Inquiry: Craig Wyatt
8779.html Posted At 20:45:26 09/06/2001

Mike...I've spoke with Craig AND have done business with Craig a couple of times now! I HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM!! He calls to confirm shipping, he ships when he SAYS he's going to ship, he KNOWS how to pack a box, and ALL the snakes I've purchased from him have been TOP QUALITY!! Craig is definitely one of the GOOD GUYS! I wouldn't hesitate if I were you!! ......Neil
John Staursky Re: Inquiry: Craig Wyatt
8783.html Posted At 21:17:25 09/06/2001

Believe me, Craig is a good guy, I know him personnaly, have been to his house and the boy has got some bills to pay..LOL
He spends all his money on reptiles, you know how it
Seriosly though, Craig knows his stuff and when you deal with him he's straight up about the animals, he will tell you it's ok, it's awesome or it's whatever, you know what I mean? LOL
Anyway, I have spent thousands with my buddy Craig and recomend him to anybody. The only thing is that the guy swindled me out of all my fishing rods for snakes..LOL.. Damn Craig, How am I gonna catch any Bass now?? LOL
Take care all,
John Staursky
M. Combs Re: Inquiry: Craig Wyatt
8788.html Posted At 23:25:28 09/06/2001

Thanks for the input. This guy sounds ok from what you guys have said. I suppose i have lived beyond my means once or twice in my life. ;-)

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