Inquiry-Mark Lamielle

Author Subject: Inquiry-Mark Lamielle
John Martino Posted At 14:08:23 09/12/2001
Just wondering if anyone has any input? Thinking about making a purchase from him. Thanks.
Garrick DeMeyer Re: Inquiry-Mark Lamielle
9164.html Posted At 23:37:15 09/17/2001

Mark Lamielle is a not a good person to deal with. In June, he posted an ad for a proven female 100% het albino boa for $350 plus shipping. I contacted him through email and decided to order it. I sent him a cashiers check through fed ex and have proof of receipt. He said he was going out of town for awhile and would ship her on July, 2nd. That date went by and I did not receive the snake. I tried contacting him through email for almost 2 weeks before he replied saying he was having computer problems and that he would send the snake soon. Well, its Sept. 17th and I still haven't received the snake or a refund. I've emailed him probably a dozen times with no responese. I actually contacted a credit agency to go after him. They found out he was only a 16 year old kid. According to his parents, he doesn't know what I'm talking about. His parent's wanted me to contact them by phone to find out what this was about. I tried calling many times and left 5 or 6 messages on their machine. No response from them. Now, my credit agency is back on the job. Do not order anything from this kid. You'll never see it and it will take a lot of effort to get your money back.

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