Inquiry on The Snake Hut (Wes Harris) : )

Author Subject: Inquiry on The Snake Hut (Wes Harris) : )
Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles Posted At 10:04:13 09/17/2001
I'm looking to get some snakes from Wes.
He seems like a very nice guy.
Anyone ever purchased from him?

Jen Prejean
"HerpCrazy Reptiles"
Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles Thge snake hut
9137.html Posted At 12:54:52 09/17/2001

I just talked to Wes and he was the nicest, most helpful person I've talked to in quite some time.
I can't wait to add his beautiful animals to my collection.

I'm sure when I get them, I'll be posting a Great Guy report.

Jen Prejean
"HerpCrazy Reptiles"
dave mcgowen Re: Inquiry on The Snake Hut (Wes Harris) : )
9318.html Posted At 17:35:56 09/22/2001

I met him at a recent reptile show where both of us were vendors. Seemed like a nice guy and had some good looking snakes. I think he is very involved with albino ball pythons.

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