Central Coast Reptiles, Terry Lilley good/bad??

Author Subject: Central Coast Reptiles, Terry Lilley good/bad??
Kevin Posted At 14:37:51 01/31/2001
ive seen posts of his on kingsnake and considered buying from him. anyone have information on this individual? thanks, Kevin
MikeB He doesnt own barely any of the animals......... (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:32:16 01/31/2001

that he offers for sale. He is a broker not a dealer in a sort of way. 90% or more of his animals arent in his possesion. Dont know if true but look at steve raymond....from what i hear he doesnt have as much as he advertises he has in stock......same as zootek, they have nothing from what i hear! 2 cents......rumors, but it will be verified here iwth more input.
Sal Re: Central Coast Reptiles, Terry Lilley good/bad?? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:23:31 02/01/2001

Terry Liley is a broker, not a breeder....he will take advantage of you, if he can....know what you want and how much it's worth before you deal with him...if he thinks he can "outsmart" you, he will try...just like a used car salesman!!!...and yes, this is from personal experience.
Jordan Russell Re: Central Coast Reptiles, Terry Lilley good/bad?? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:53:49 02/01/2001

I have never personally done business with Terry although I bought a group of Sand Monitors as a VERY "newbie" from Mike Young of Fresno California. I was rather new as I said and was used to the bird market having raised birds for some time. Well I was to get 1.2 adult V. Flavirufus - 1.0 Red bred by Frank Retes, 0.1 ANERYTHERISTIC Purchased from Terry Lilley and 0.1 Melanistic Purchased from Terry Lilley, these were supposed to be proven breeders! Well I got them and after talking to Frank Retes I found out that the darker one was nothing more than a northwestern form and the lighter was very commonly colored, they were both sold to mike as proven breeders, well the male red was knocking up my light female but the melanistic was very agressive and bit the red a few times so I had all three X-rayed to verify sex and I had 2.1! The extra dark Northwestern was a male, hmm... I thought it was a proven breeder?

Just something to be careful for.. my experience maybe its his norm maybe its not but it left a bad taste in my mouth having spent a considerable amount of money on the group.

As far as Mike and Sal said I have heard the exact same things...

Chris Carmichael Re: Central Coast Reptiles, Terry Lilley good/bad?? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:24:22 02/14/2001

Heard all the rumors....however I had a recent transaction that went extremely smooth and received the snakes exactly as described and in great health. I would not hesitate to purchase from Terry in the future....was extremely helpful and provided some great location data that I needed. He may not have all the snakes on his list (maybe he does), however I don't think this is a direct measure of good/bad....as long as the animals are honestly represented to the best of his abilities....which they were in my case.

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