Kathy Love(INQ)

Author Subject: Kathy Love(INQ)
R.W. Brennan Posted At 17:42:30 10/04/2001
Kathy Love has a great looking web site with some of the most beautiful corns I have ever seen. Has anyone here done business with her? Do the snakes look as good as the pics? I really like the look of some of the snakes she has bred and was considering contacting her and perhaps purchasing from her. Any feed back?
BigJim Re: You have to be kidding right?
9794.html Posted At 18:02:57 10/04/2001

Kathy is the queen of corn snakes! you must be from another planet if you dont know that! you could not deal with a better person! Jim Elliott
Matt Salyer - Oklahoma Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9796.html Posted At 18:17:39 10/04/2001

She is definatley a pioneer of the corns! great stuff!!
Clint Boyer Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9797.html Posted At 18:37:49 10/04/2001

I have some of Kathys animals from anohter source. When I purchased them they had her animal ID #'s with them. I contacted Kathy, she researched each one and gave me their history.
So as you can see, I'm not even her customer but she has given me great cutomer service!

She is one of the best!

Clint Boyer
mickey cook Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9806.html Posted At 20:56:01 10/04/2001

Bill and Kathy Love are some of the best corn breeders around.
T.C. Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9807.html Posted At 20:58:42 10/04/2001

The Queen of Corns is correct. The woman wrote "The Cornsnake Manual".
You're very safe getting a Corn from her. Top quality all the way. The best Corns in the WORLD.
Carlos Lahitte Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9809.html Posted At 21:04:20 10/04/2001

Kathy is one of the best ones around in the Corn world. Nice woman, pretty easy to deal with her. I get some animals from her last year and this year I come back to her for some more. Good customer service, even help me with some advices about some morphs. Don't worry all the points of the transaction will be very professional.Very recomended.
R.W. Brennan Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9815.html Posted At 21:35:15 10/04/2001

I was aware she wrote a book and had seen an article by her and her husband in a magazine. Glad to hear she is one of the good guys! I truthfully was awestruck by some of the snakes she has bred. I will look forward to doing business with her in the future. Thank you to everyone.
Kat Hall Re: Kathy Love(INQ)
9856.html Posted At 12:09:12 10/05/2001

I definately recommend her. Not only did she sell me a rather handsome amel bloodred male, she's also been very helpful on questions I've had. :)

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