Inquiry about "Glades Herp" ....

Author Subject: Inquiry about "Glades Herp" ....
Happy Herps Posted At 21:28:40 10/04/2001
I'm interested in a snake of theirs....have heard of them before for many years, but have never dealt with them. Can anyone give me some input in their dealings with them...I appreciate it! Thank you, Cecelia
Ken Harbart Re: Inquiry about
9819.html Posted At 22:21:03 10/04/2001

Well, I can tell you that my experiences with them have been nothing short of superb. I've purchased monocle cobras and East African green mambas from them in the past, and all the snakes were everything that they were represented to be. All things considered, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them yet again.
John Apple Re: Inquiry about
9822.html Posted At 22:32:12 10/04/2001

Several friends have received animals from them
all animals were very nice and honestly represented
If there was anything I needed from them I would give them a call
They have a very broad and extensive list a little bit of everything for everybody
Steve Emerick Re: Inquiry about
9825.html Posted At 22:49:13 10/04/2001

Glades has been great in the dealings I've had with them.. Honestly represented animals in the peak of health.. I wouldn't hesitate in dealing with them..

Steve Emerick
Napa Valley Snakes
Robert Hill Re: Inquiry about
9864.html Posted At 15:32:20 10/05/2001

They have always had some nice animals at the shows I have seen them at. I have also picked up some nice stuff from them.

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