Anyone heard or seen Robert Stone

Author Subject: Anyone heard or seen Robert Stone
Jesse JJ's reptiles.INC Posted At 12:04:52 10/05/2001
We did a trade awhile ago and he sent them USPS and it took a week too get there.but they were dead I e mail him and he said he could replace them with some garter snakes and a leo I said ok.It was not his fault it took so long too get here But he wanted too make it right.SO I said ok.Now it's been about a month and half now and I have e mailed him and called him but no return from him.Robert I want my snakes back or you send me mine.So if anyone lives in CO.By highlands Ranch go give him a visit email for his addy so you can knock on his door.and tell him I'm waiting.Or I'll stop there next month when we go to visit my relatives.Jesse

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