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  • Yep, unfortunately! I LOVE that bigger girl. If you lived closer I'd be tempted to get her anyway, haha!
    LOVE those female normals you've got up for sale... Wish I didn't just buy a couple snakes, lol!
    jeff ive sent you multiple pm's and you still havent replied i was interested in your tegu u prob. dont even have it now
    Thanks for offering your help. My original question was about the vitamins and sumpliemnts and calcium schedule but I figured all that out. But what I want to now ask you is about my beardies stress marks. His are in the shapes of circles and completely cover him from chin down to base of tail. Sometimes they are black and others they are barely visible. Do you have any reasons or ideas as to why he always has them. His basking temperature goes anywhere from 100 to 110. I don't have a background or any sides covered so could he be seeing his own reflection and freaking himself out? What do you think? I'm going on week 3 of having him
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