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allreptiles1966 07-19-2022 10:34 PM

Clingy boa
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Its been over a year now of regular handling and this boy is clingy. Reminding me of my days with babies.
I bring him in my bedroom to get away from anything distracting I guess. Like other pets. Cats. Dogs. He still will not let go. He freaks out when I make him
go solo. It looks like hes gonna break his spine. I put my hand out and he grabs. Hes never slithered his body length yet. 😁. What am I creating? As I write this, hes chilling out on my hand and arm in the hand Im typing with. I think he will have to go to an educator at some point. After he sires a litter or three.

Anyone have or had a boa like this? Hes from 4/21.

bcr229 07-19-2022 11:23 PM

I have a similar one. In fact, if he thinks he's getting dropped he'll panic, flail, then bite you - and he's over six foot so he packs a punch.

I have others that just drape and don't grab at all, and they've always been like that.

allreptiles1966 07-20-2022 06:16 AM

Funny you say that he flips out when putting back. Mine too. But he’s little. And doesn’t bite. Yet! Hope he gets out of it before he matures. I’m on blood thinners. Lmao.
I got bit by a big dh sunglow male with attitude some years back while on thinners for my stents, I bled like 3 hrs or so. Ended up with a huge black and blue.

I didn’t think my boa was the only clingy boa out there.

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