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Skandalakis 08-14-2021 02:36 PM

Selling 4 Ball Pythons(Adults & Subadults)
Im moving away from BPs and downsizing my collection. Ill provide pictures to serious inquirers. Shipping is included in all prices.

-Super Pastel M 2500g $200
This guy is also supposedly het G stripe. Hes never been proven but I figured Id mention it. Hes around 10 yrs old and has been more like a pet tbh

-Blade Clown M 1546g $550
Really nice Blade Clown. Not much else to say about him.

**Full disclosure. These next two are my two problem feeders and Ive lowered the prices accordingly**

-Albino Champin F 1083g $350
Feeding on small rats. Shes a really nervous snake and is reluctant to take anything larger than a small rat. Shell also skip meals if shes startled during a feeding.

-Motley Clown F 871g $1800
This girl is absolutely gorgeous. She was a reluctant feeder when I first got her. Shes now eating consistently but only prefers mice and ASFs. She also doesnt seem to like doubling up on feedings which has left her pretty small comparatively. Admittedly I feel like shed do a lot better in a smaller tub size, which I simply dont have and dont plan on getting any time soon. She currently has access to hides, but I just think shed prefer something even more snug.

If youre interested in any of these snakes please contact me through text or email.

Avvi269 08-14-2021 09:15 PM

How old is the clown blade female?

Skandalakis 08-14-2021 11:04 PM

The blade clown is male. He’s around 3 years old.

Avvi269 08-15-2021 12:15 PM

I ment motely clown. How old is she?

Skandalakis 08-15-2021 06:34 PM

She’s around two years old. I wanna say I got her in 2019.

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